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Admission Holds


Students can see their remaining holds by logging onto Banner Web.  Banner Web is the student information system.  Students can access grades, general financial aid information, unofficial transcripts, tuition information, class schedules, final grades holds and much more.

To access Banner Web, go to and under “Applications”, select “Student Applications” and then Banner icon.  The following University offices are responsible for student holds:

Admissions – Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Background Check, Transcript, Fingerprinting, CPR, Licensure (if applicable)

Student Affairs – Student Affairs (Orientation), Health Insurance

University Health Services – University Health Medical Records

Faculty Advisor – Advising Hold (RN-BSN only)

Tuition/Payment – Tuition Office

The time will vary depending on the hold.  If you are mailing a document such as a child abuse clearance or transcript to our office, it can take 7-10 business days for our office to receive and process mail.  If your hold is processed electronically, such as the criminal background check, these holds are typically updated once per week.  It can take up to two weeks for the hold to be removed once you get confirmation that your request has been processed.

BC – Criminal Background Check

CA – Child Abuse Clearance

CPR – CPR Certification

DT – Drug Test

FP - Fingerprinting

HI – Health Insurance

MR – University Health Medical Records

NH – Nursing Advising Hold (RNs only)

RL – State Nursing Licensure (RN, MSN, DNP only)

SA – Student Affairs (Orientation)

TR – Transcript Hold

TU – Tuition/Cashier Hold

We communicate regularly with other offices and remove holds continually.  It may take a couple days after you have completed these requirements before the holds are actually removed.

Students must send a final transcript if they are still completing courses after the time of admission.  This is specifically important for students who have received a conditional acceptance and signed a Prerequisite Credit Agreement.  The transcript hold will not be removed for these students until their final transcript has been received and processed by the Admissions Office.  Some programs may ask that you send the final transcript to the CAS (Centralized Application Service) that initially processed your application.  Please check with your admissions counselor for specific instructions.

It can take up to 8 weeks for the agencies to provide the documentation.  We encourage students to complete these prerequisites early.  If a student isn’t able to complete this requirement until late in the summer, they need to have submitted the necessary paperwork with the clearances or background check in progress by the start of the semester.  If a student fails to complete this requirement by that time, they will be in jeopardy of their registration being dropped.

Nursing and Physician Assistant Studies students should fax or email the child abuse clearance to American Data Bank.  Students in other programs should keep a copy of your child abuse clearance and fax, email or mail the original to the Office of Admissions.  Be sure to copy the front and back of the child abuse clearance for your records.  

A prerequisite credit agreement is created for students who have been accepted to Thomas Jefferson University before they have completed the remaining prerequisite courses for their program.  The prerequisite credit agreement outlines the courses that are outstanding and must be emailed or faxed to the Office of Admissions after it is signed and dated.  

International students without a social security number need to contact the Office of Admissions so we can issue a number in order to generate a campus key.  If you have difficulty completing prerequisites such as fingerprinting, child abuse clearance, or background check, you need to contact the customer service teams at those respective agencies. 

Dual-Admission RN-BSN students must provide their CPR certification to the Office of Admissions. Standard RN-BSN applicants provide their CPR certification as part of their admissions materials. 

Radiologic Science students must provide their CPR certification to the Department of Radiologic Sciences by the first day of class.

Occupational Therapy students must show a copy of their CPR certification to an appointed OT faculty member the first week of class. 

Physical Therapy students must show a copy of their CPR certification to an appointed PT faculty member by December 31 of their first semester.

Holds need to be completed or in progress by the start of the semester.

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