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Shipping/Receiving Animals

Since the advent of genetically engineered rodents, it has become common for investigators to exchange rodents with other institutions.  There are two components to this process:  the processing of a Material Transfer Agreement (if necessary) and the review of veterinary health records.  It is suggested that investigators initiate both processes at the same time in order to avoid delays.

The Office of Technology Transfer is responsible for processing Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs). 

In order for the veterinary staff to evaluate the request and complete required documentation, a Shipping/Receiving request must be filled out.  Once completed, this form should be sent to the transfer coordinator, Felicia Upshaw, at or call (215) 503-6167.

Lab Animal Shipping/Receiving Request Form (PDF) | Word

If you have any questions or difficulty with this process, please contact the veterinary staff at (215) 503-6167.