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Veterinary Consultation & Assistance

The Animal Welfare Act mandates veterinary consultation for any procedure that may cause more than momentary pain or distress prior to approval of the animal use protocol.  The veterinary staff is also available for consultation on a variety of topics.  Examples of topics for which veterinary consultation can be advisable include:

  • Questions on anesthesia and euthanasia methods
  • Drug dosages
  • Questions on animal research techniques
  • Selection of animal models

Contact information for the veterinarians at Thomas Jefferson University:

Judith S. Daviau, DVM, DACLAM
Director & University Veterinarian
Office of Animal Resources
(215) 503-5885
(877) 656-9759 beeper

Cynthia Lang, DVM, DACLAM, MS
Clinical Veterinarian
Laboratory Animal Services
(215) 503-6167
(877) 656-6428 beeper