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Postdoctoral Association


The goals of the JPA are to provide a channel for communication, to promote understanding and intellectual stimulation, and to improve the position of postdoctoral fellows in training and extracurricular matters at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU). To accomplish these goals, the JPA hosts monthly meetings along with social hours, career seminars, technical skills seminars, and professional development workshops such as a fellowship application program.

Current Officers of the Jefferson Postdoctoral Association

2014_JPA_EB_updateFront row, left to right: Elisabeth Mari, Senior VP; Mansi Khanna, President; Dominique Comer, VP for Social Affairs. Back row, left to right: Matthew Schiewer, VP of Career Development; Natalie Chernets, Treasurer; and Dorian Pustina, VP of Communications Not pictured: SungSoo Yoo, VP of Nominations and Elections; Biswanath Patra, Secretary