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Human Clinical Investigation: Theory

Clinicians trained in the basics of human clinical investigation are needed to design and initiate clinical trials in academic medicine and in the pharmaceutical industry.

The Certificate Program in Human Clinical Investigation: Theory will provide the core competencies and skills needed for those interested in clinical research or careers in academic medicine. This program is designed for clinicians, but could be taken by other interested in understanding the theory behind clinical trial design.

For additional information please contact:

Office of Admission
(215) 503-4400 

Eleanor Gorman
Assistant Coordinator for Master Programs in the Basic Sciences & Graduate Center Programs
(215) 503-5799

The objectives of this certificate option are:

  • To provide the theory behind the design of human clinical studies and appropriate design and use of databases.
  • To educate on the ethics and regulations governing clinical research
  • To provide a background in statistics and epidemiology necessary for human clinical investigation

Who May Attend

Persons with scientific/medical background or experience who are interested in careers in clinical research. This certificate is most relevant to individuals with clinical backgrounds who are interested in being involved in human clinical research and leading research teams. This certificate focuses on the theory rather than the implementation. This certificate program is the didactic component of the MS Pharmacology program, Human Clinical Investigation track (no thesis is required for the certificate).

Core Courses
GC 660 Statistical Methods of Data Analysis 3 credits
GC 630 Fundamentals of Clinical Trials (GC is pre-requisite) 3 credits
MI 580 Epidemiology (GC 660 is pre-requisite) 3 credits
GC 510 Database Designs and Management 2 credits
GC 640 Research Ethics and Responsible Conduct 1 credits
GC 690 Regulatory Issues in Human Subject Research 2 credits
Core Total 14 credits
Select 3 Credits from the Following *
PR 25 Clinical Pharmacology 3 credits
GC 515 Quality Measures/Outcomes Analysis in Healthcare 3 credits
GC 650 Economic Analysis of Healthcare Interventions 3 credits
GC 654 Pharmacoepidemiology 2 credits
PR 810, 820, 830 Pharmacology Clerkship Credits - only available for clinicians starting in the MSPR program and changing to the Certificate program 1-3 credits
Elective Total 3 credits
Certificate Total 17 credits
* Other courses may be substituted upon approval.
However, no substitutions can be made for clinicians wanting to
transfer these credits into the Human Clinical Investigation track
of the Master of Science in Pharmacology.