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Continuing Studies

JGSBS welcomes students who wish to take courses without committing to a degree or certificate program. We accommodate such students by enrolling them under our non-degree option.

Students from a wide variety of educational backgrounds and with various life experiences take courses under the non-degree option.

Reasons for taking such courses include:

  • Learning a new skill set or subject matter
  • Building on professional and life experiences
  • Satifying a need for lifelong learning
  • Preparing for graduate study

Courses taken by non-degree students are the same courses taken by students in our Certificate and Master of Science programs. If a non-degree student eventually applies to and is accepted by a certificate or degree program at JGSBS, credit for any courses in which a grade of B or better was earned can be transferred to the certificate or degree program.

For more information on continuing your education as a non-degree student or to learn how to apply, please see our frequently asked questions.