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The MS in Microbiology program offers choices for career specialization with flexible schedules, professional training for academic credit, and academic preparation for national professional certification.

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Eleanor Gorman
Assistant Coordinator for Master Programs in the Basic Sciences & Graduate Center Programs
(215) 503-5799

The broad-based curriculum includes a minimum of 40 credits. Course content includes the biology of microorganisms, immunology, epidemiology, pathology, biostatistics, management, clerkship, masters research thesis – or, alternatively, a new Non-Thesis Option, and at least 6 credits of electives. Interested students may prepare for advanced graduate or professional degree programs. Three credits in Diagnostic Microbiology MI 582 are required for students lacking prior coursework in this area. The program may be completed on a part-time basis over a period of two to four years. Students are able to hold full-time positions since the major portion of the course work is offered as late-afternoon or evening classes. Career counseling and guidance is available through the Director's office.

Applications follow University guidelines. Refer to Admissions for further information.