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Molecular Biology & Gene Regulation


Research in Molecular Biology and Gene Regulation broadly investigates the genetic control of cellular physiology in both normal and diseased states. Critical cellular processes dependent on gene transcription and translation are explored at the molecular level using a combination of advanced technical approaches involving recombinant DNA technology, high-throughput genetic analysis, cell culture and model systems, transgenic animals, and high resolution imaging. Research areas include genetic and epigenetic control of gene expression, chromatin structure and function, mechanisms of RNA processing, gene therapy, control of ribosomal protein synthesis, regulation of the cell cycle, and protein folding and misfolding inside the cell. Students who select this area of emphasis gain expertise in a broad range of fundamental methodologies used to investigate cellular mechanisms in the post-genome era.

Areas of Research

Principal Investigators

Mechanisms Of Cell Growth And Differentiation

Aplin, Calabretta, Jaynes, Kallen, Languino, Ma, Morrione,
Naik, Nevalainen,
 Penn, Pestell, Riobo, Rodeck, 
Rui,  Summer,  Sun,  Vadigepalli, Waldman,

Signal Integration/Cross-Talk

Alnemri, Aplin, Calabretta, Eto, Fortini, Hoek, Knudsen, 
Languino, Ma, Mahoney, Morrione, Naik, Nevalainen, Penn, Pestell, 
Riobo, Rodeck, Rui, Schnell, Summer, Sun, Uitto, 
Vadigepalli, Waldman, Wedegaertner, Winter

Protein Targeting And Trafficking

Fortini, Morrione, Wedegaertner

Mechanisms Of Programmed Cell Death

Fortini, Morrione, Naik, Wedegaertner

Nucleic Acid Biochemistry And Therapeutics

Brody, Hou, Jaynes, Kaji, Kirino, Mazo, McMahon, Pascal, 
Rigoutsos, Wickstrom

Cancer Biology

Aplin, Brody, Calabretta, Kaji, Kirino, Knudsen, Languino, McMahon, Morrione, Naik, Nevalainen, Penn, Pestell, Rigoutsos, Rodeck, Rui, Waldman

Metabolism And Mitochondrial Function

Alnemri, Hoek, Hou, Kallen, Kirino, McMahon, Summer, Waldman

Neurodegenerative And Neuromuscular Diseases

Fortini, Hou, Ma, Merry, Pasinelli, Trotti

Genetic Regulation Of Development And Organogenesis

Fortini, Hoek, Jaynes,  Kallen, Ma, Mazo, Riobo, Mahoney, Uitto,  Vadigepalli,

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Eto, Naik, Sun

G-Protein Coupled Receptors

Naik, Penn, Pestell, Riobo, Wedegaertner

Steroid Hormone Receptors

Kallen, Knudsen, Merry, Nevalainen, Rui

Tyrosine Kinase Receptors

Morrione, Rodeck, Rui, Wickstrom

Molecular Virology