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Chemical & Structural Biology


Research in Chemical and Structural Biology at Jefferson aims to explore the function of biological systems at the molecular level, and to leverage the outcomes of that exploration for the development of novel disease treatments. Important molecular recognition events, such as receptor-ligand and protein-nucleic acid interactions, as well as the molecular mechanisms of catalysis, signal transduction and force generation, are probed using a broad range of biophysical tools, including x-ray crystallography, high-throughput screening, rapid kinetics and high-content imaging. Scientists training within this research emphasis develop a quantitative understanding of key cellular processes that contributes to our fundamental knowledge of human biology and disease.

Areas of Research

Principal Investigators

Structural Biology

Benovic , Cingolani , Pascal , Root, Zhang

Mechanisms Of Cell Growth And Differentiation

Benovic , Morrione , Naik, Rigoutsos , Wickstrom , Winter

Signal Integration/Cross-Talk

Benovic , Eto , Holinstat , Keen , Morrione , Naik, Penn, Winter

Protein Targeting & Trafficking

Benovic , Cingolani , Covarrubias, Keen , Morrione , Root , Wedegaertner

Mechanisms Of Programmed Cell Death

Naik, Scott

Nucleic acid biochemistry and therapeutics

Hou , Kaji , Pascal , Morrione , Rigoutsos , Wickstrom

Pharmacogenomics & Chemical Biology

Eto , Hickok , Rigoutsos , Scott, Zhang

Cancer Biology

Kaji , Morrione , Naik, Scott , Wickstrom

Cardiovascular Pharmacology

Eto , Holinstat , Naik, Sun

G-Protein Coupled Receptors

Benovic , Naik, Penn, Wedegaertner

Tyrosine Kinase Receptors


Imaging Technology

Forsberg , Keen , Wickstrom

Molecular Virology


Ion Channels Covarrubias