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Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology


Research in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology at Jefferson broadly explores the mechanisms of cellular signal transduction pathways and their dysregulation in disease. The interaction of ligands with their receptors and the resultant effects on cellular physiology are probed using state-of-the-art techniques in biochemistry, cell biology, imaging and model organisms. The research focuses on a wide range of cellular signaling molecules, include G protein-coupled receptors, G proteins, receptor tyrosine kinases, intracellular kinases and phosphatases, nuclear hormone receptors, integrins, and proteins involved in apoptosis and membrane trafficking. Discoveries from these laboratories are being actively translated into novel diagnostics and therapeutics in cancer pharmacology, neuropharmacology and cardiovascular pharmacology.

Areas of Research Principal Investigators
Mechanisms Of Cell Growth & Differentiation Aplin,  Benovic,  Languino,  Ma, Naik, Nevalainen,  Penn,  Pestell,  Riobo,  Rodeck,  Rui,  Summer,  Sun,  Waldman, Wedegaertner,  Wickstrom,  Winter
Signal Integration/Cross-Talk Alnemri,  Aplin,  Benovic,  Brainard,  Eto,  Fortini,  Hoek,  Keen,  Knudsen,  Languino,  Mahoney,  Ma, Naik, Nevalainen, Penn,  Pestell,  Riobo,  Rodeck,  Ronner,  Rui Summer,  Sun,  Uitto,  Waldman,  Wedegaertner,  Winter, Zhang
Protein Targeting & Trafficking Benovic,  Cingolani,  Fortini,  Keen, Wedegaertner
Mechanisms Of Programmed Cell Death Alnemri,  Dicker,  Farber,  Hoek, Pasinelli,  Rodeck,  Scott
Nucleic Acid Biochemistry & Therapeutics Brody,  Dicker,  Hou,  Kaji, Kirino,  Mazo,  Naik, Pascal,  Rigoutsos, Wickstrom
Cancer Biology Aplin,  Brody,  Dicker,  Farber,  Kaji,  Kirino, Knudsen,  Languino,  Naik, Nevalainen,  Penn,  Pestell,  Rigoutsos, Rodeck, Rui,  Scott,  Waldman,  Wickstrom
Metabolism & Mitochondrial Function Alnemri,  Cingolani,  Farber,  Hoek, Hou,  Kirino,  Rigoutsos, Ronner,  Summer,  Waldman
Neurodegenerative & Neuromuscular Diseases Dalva,  Fortini,  Hou,  Ma, Merry,  Pasinelli,  Trotti
Genetic Regulation Of Development & Organogenesis Fortini,  Hickok,  Hoek,  Ma, Mazo,  Riobo,  Winter,  Mahoney,  Uitto
Structural Biology Benovic,  Cingolani,  Pascal
Cardiovascular Pharmacology Eto,  Naik, Sun
G-Protein Coupled Receptors Benovic,  Naik, Penn,  Pestell,  Riobo, Wedegaertner
Steroid Hormone Receptors Knudsen,  Merry,  Nevalainen,  Rui
Tyrosine Kinase Receptors Rodeck,  Rui,  Wickstrom