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Seminars 2012-2013

SEMINARS for the Fall of 2013
Journal Club (JC) | Research in Progress (RIP)
Current Topics (CT)/Showcase and Seminar Series and Grand Rounds
Mechanisms of Personalized Medicine (MPM)

All Seminars fre from 12 PM to 1 PM


Seminars Date Presenter Location
09/13/2013 Dr. Hoek
Curtis 218
RIP 09/20/2013 Kevin Quann
Curtis 218
Showcase and Seminar Series(CT) 09/25/2013   JAH 307
MPM 09/26/2013   Thompson De Palma
Grand Rounds (CT) 10/02/2013   JAH 207
RIP 10/04/2013   Curtis 218
Showcase and Seminar Series (CT) 10/09/2013

Dr. Renato Iozzo
"Decorin has an appetite for autophagy"

JAH 307
RIP 10/11/2013   Curtis 218
Grand Rounds (CT) 10/16/2013   JAH 207
RIP 10/18/2013   Curtis 218
Showcase and Seminar Series (CT) 10/23/2013   JAH 307
MPM 10/24/2013   Thompson De Palma
RIP 10/25/2013   Curtis 218
Showcase and Seminar Series (CT) 10/30/2013 Dr. Phil Wedegaertner JAH 307
Grand Rounds (CT) 11/06/2013   JAH 207
Showcase and Seminar Series (CT) 11/13/2013 Dr. M. Risbud JAH 307
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News & Events

The Cell & Developmental Biology Graduate Program will be holding its first set of Candidate Interviews....

Looking at the faces of those attending the annual 2013 WELCOME Faculty & Student Brunch there would have been no indication that Fall had arrived..... 

An official WELCOME from the Cell & Developmental Biology Program is exstended to our new students....

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