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Course Structure

General Requirements

The curriculum consists of an interdisciplinary core of courses that each student is required to successfully complete and additional graduate courses, deemed necessary by the student's research committee, available from among all course offerings through this and other graduate programs.  Minimal requirements of the Graduate School are the successful completion of 180 total graduate credits including research, with no less than 54 course credits of graduate course work, 18 of which must be outside the area of Cell and Developmental Biology.

5 Years at a Glance  (Important please review)


Course Requirements

The Program Director and the student have the major responsibility for determining the student's initial training in the first year. During the first year the student typically enrolls in graduate courses selected from the core curriculum, unless these graduate requirements have already been completed, in which case additional elective course offerings may be selected. Each student is expected to maintain no less than a B (3.0) average in all course work. Attendance at all scheduled lectures, laboratories and other classroom activities is required. In general, all coursework should be completed by the end of the second year.

Core Curriculum Course Name Credits
CB 570 Pathological Aspects of Disease 3
GC 665 Cell Signaling 3
CB 625 Mechanisms of Development 3
CB 616, 626, 636 Current Topics in MCB I, II,  III 1
CB 710, 720, 730 Seminar I, II, III 1
CB 740
Mechanisms of Personalized Medicine I, II, III 1
CB 920 Research I, II, III Variable
GC 550 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences 10
GC 640 Research Ethics: Case Study Approach 1
GC 660 Statistical Methods for Data Analysis 3
GC 730 Planning and Writing a Research Grant 1