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End of Year Review

 End Of Year Review

The Student Affairs Committee and the Program Director meet at the end of each academic year to review the progress of each trainee in the program. Progress of first-year students is evaluated at the end of each academic semester. Recommendations with regard to each graduate student may include:

  1. Continue in good standing
  2. Further review by the graduate committee with specific remedial recommendations
  3. Dismissal from the program.

Final disposition of each student is the responsibility of the Director of the Graduate Program.

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News & Events

The Cell & Developmental Biology Graduate Program will be holding its first set of Candidate Interviews....

Looking at the faces of those attending the annual 2013 WELCOME Faculty & Student Brunch there would have been no indication that Fall had arrived..... 

An official WELCOME from the Cell & Developmental Biology Program is exstended to our new students....

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