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TE624 Extra Cellular Matrix

Course Coordinator: Andrzej Fertala, PhD, Professor, Department of Orthopaedic Surgery
Schedule: Friday 10:00-11:45AM Friday:10:00-11.45 AM
Location: Suite 511E, College Building
Credits: 2 credits

Description and Objectives: Description and Objectives: The objectives of this course are to provide students with an understanding at a fundamental level of:  (1) the molecular architecture and functional role of major components of hard and soft connective tissues; (2) regulation and control of key extracellular matrix molecules (3) the functional significance of molecular determinants and motifs within specific extracellular components (4) mechanisms by which the extracellular matrix molecules and cells communicate (5) molecular pathogenesis of diseases of the extracellular matrix. These objectives will be accomplished through a series of faculty presentations and discussions, review and discussion of relevant journal articles and student presentations on selected topics.

Enrollment: Minimum six, maximum twenty

Xt: there is no formal text for this graduate level course.  All of the assignmed reading will be taken from the research literature.

Format: A graduate lecture and discussion course, with one 1.5 hour meeting per week. The general format will combine faculty-led lecture/discussions, reviews of pertinent journal articles assigned to students by faculty, or student presentations on selected topics from the current literature.

Evaluation of students: Grades will be based upon three components. (1) Each faculty presenter will assign take-home homework questions to be answered by students and due within one week of the class presentation. These will count for 40% of the grade. (2) Students will be responsible for discussion of assigned journal articles. These will count for 20% of the grade (3) class participation (40%).

Administration: Ultimate responsibility for course administration will rest with the course coordinator, Andrzej Fertala Email Telephone 215-503-0113.

Faculty: The instructors will be comprised of interdepartmental faculty drawn mainly from Departments of Orthopaedic Surgery and Dermatology and Cutaneous Biology. In addition, guest speakers from Drexel University, Temple University, CHOP, and Stryker will be also invited.

Evaluation of course: At the end of each semester, students will be provided with a form to fill out which will provide the Graduate College and the course coordinator with feedback regarding the course.


EXTRACELLULAR MATRIX (TE 624), 2013 FRIDAYS 10:00 am-11:45 am




Dr. Andrzej Fertala,Thomas Jefferson University


Biosynthesis of collagens in health and disease

Dr. Irving Shapiro,Thomas Jefferson University


Mechanisms of bone formation and remodeling

Dr. Mon-Li Chu,Thomas Jefferson University


Elastic fiber in health and disease

Dr. Theresa Freeman,Thomas Jefferson University


Repair and replacement of adult ECM-a tissue engineering challenge

Dr. Michele Marcolongo,Drexel University


Molecular engineering using biomimetic aggrecan

Dr. Vitali Alexeev,Thomas Jefferson University


Gene transfer of the ECM genes and genetic engineering

Dr. My Mahoney,Thomas Jefferson University


Cell Junctions, Cell Adhesion, and the Extracellular Matrix

Dr. Makarand Risbud,Thomas Jefferson University


Transcriptional regulation of aggrecan and chondroitin sulfate synthesis

Dr. James SanAntonio,Stryker


Type I collagen: structure, function and applications

Dr. Marcinkiewicz,Temple University


Snake venom components that modulate integrin activities in cell-matrix interactions

Dr. Mauricio Pacifici,CHOP


Heparan sulfate proteoglycans

Dr. Masahiro Iwamoto,CHOP


Towards regeneration of articular cartilage

Dr. Olga Igoucheva,Thomas Jefferson University


Extracellular matrix disorders and therapeutic options