Congratulations to our Recent PhDs!

Celestine Wanjalla-Mahasi, MD, PhD: "Rabies Virus-based HIV-1 Vaccine Vector: Impact of Antigen Presenting Cells and Immunostimulatory Molecules". Mentor: Matthias Schnell, PhD.

Neda Nikbakht, MD, PhD: "Influence of BLyS on Peripheral B Lymphocyte Tolerance". Mentor: Tim Manser, PhD.

Tessa Lawrence, PhD: "Innate Immune Recognition of Rabies Virus: Defining the Role of the Inflammasome and Interferon Stimulated Genes". Mentor: Matthias Schnell, PhD.

Sandra Bonne-Annee, PhD: Strongyloides stercoralis - Immunological Basis for Susceptibility and Resistance in Mice and Humans. Mentor: David Abraham, PhD.

Tara Robinson, MD, PhD: Nonclassical Antigen Processing and the Implications for Autoimmunity and Infection. Mentor: Laurence Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD.

Angela Conde, PhD: Cyclophilin A, Dynein Light Chain 3, and HIV-1 Capsid: Defining Elements Of Host-Pathogen Interactions And Roles In Viral Replication. Mentor: Charles Scott, PhD.  

Emily Gomme, PhD: Harnessing the Power of Recombinant Rabies Viruses to Make Safer Vaccines and Study Viral Clearance from the Brain. Mentor: Matthias Schnell, PhD.  

Gregory Dickinson, PhD: Determining The Role Of Toll-Like Receptors in Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Borrelia Hermsii and Other Antigenic Targets of T Cell-Independent Humoral Immunity. Mentor: Kishore Alugupalli, PhD.

Josephine Fox-Wixted, PhD: Understanding the Many Facets of RET/PTC Oncogene Activity in Thyroid Carcinoma: Transformation, Inflammation, and Antigenicity. Mentor: Laurence Eisenlohr, VMD, PhD.  

Sanda Remakus, PhD: Mechanisms of Memory CD8+ T Cell Protection From An Acute Lethal Viral Disease. Luis Sigal, DVM, PhD.