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In the first year of the program students complete Foundations in Biomedical Sciences, a course that lays the foundation in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology. They then proceed to advanced specialized training in Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis. Additional credit hours of elective courses are available, and are generally geared to meet the individual needs of students as they move into the specific areas of their thesis research. Course requirements are completed by the end of the 2nd year and students spend an average of another 2-3 years to complete their individual thesis projects. Throughout their experience, students take part in weekly journal clubs, attend seminars, and have many opportunities to present and discuss their work with both faculty and students at TJU and at national scientific meetings.

First Year Second Year
GC 550 Foundations in Biomedical Sciences GC 730 Planning & Writing a Research Grant
GC 640 Research Ethics Advanced Topics in Microbiology 1 (IMP 530) or 2 (IMP 655)
GC 665 Cell Signaling Advanced Topics in Immunology 1 (IMP 631) or 2 (IMP 632)
IMP 610, 620, 630 Research Rotations IMP 712, 722, 732 Journal Club
IMP 505A Fundamentals of Immunology IMP 910, 920, 930 Research
IMP 505B Immune System in Health and Disease Electives
IMP 600 Microbiology  
Advanced Topics in Microbiology 1 (IMP 530) or 2 (IMP 655)  
Advanced Topics in Immunology 1 (IMP 631) or 2 (IMP 632)  
IMP 712, 722, 732 Journal Club  
IMP 910, 920, 930 Research  
NS 740 Applied Statistics in Neuroscience  
Suggested Electives Credits
BI 535 Biochemistry - Metabolism 3
CB 615 Developmental Biology I - Embyrology 3
CB 625 Mechanisms of Development 3
GC 645 Genomics and Bioinformatics 3
GE 612 Genetics of Model Organisms 3
GE 636 Regulation of Cell Cycle & Apoptosis 3
GE 637 Advanced Human Genetics 3
GE 651 Pathobiology of Cancer 2
GE 652 Molecular Basis of Cancer 2
NS 700 Cellular Neurophysiology 4
NS 715 Molecular & Cellular Neuroscience 3
GC 665 Cell Signaling 4