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JGSBS Guidelines Regarding Credits & Course Requirements

(Excerpts from JGSBS Online Catalog)

A full-time doctoral student must attempt no fewer than 20 credits for the Fall Semester, 30 for the Spring Semester, and 10 for the Summer Semester, with a total of 60 credits for the academic year. The Summer Semester is a period for full-time study and research training for Ph.D. students. A doctoral student is considered part-time when carrying 60% or less of the total of 60 credits for the full academic year. (For part-time student regulations, see "Degree of Doctor of Philosophy - General Requirements" in this Catalog.) Jefferson students in the Jefferson College of Graduate Studies pursuing a Master of Science degree or a Master of Public Health degree are matriculated into a part-time program. However, for national and state statistical reporting purposes, a student is considered a "full-time" student if carrying a course load of nine credits or more per semester.

One credit in graduate courses represents one hour of lecture or two hours of laboratory work per week for a minimum of twelve weeks. Credit for research is based upon the proportion of time spent therein.

A minimum of three years of full-time study (i.e., 180 credits) beyond the baccalaureate is required for the Doctor of Philosophy degree. In most instances, completion of requirements for the Ph.D. degree requires four to five years of study.

A student with a master's degree in a related field, a doctoral degree in medicine, veterinary medicine or dentistry, or successful completion of graduate course work at another institution may be granted up to a maximum of 18 graduate course credits toward the Ph.D. degree. However, in no case shall less than one year of residence (full-time status at Jefferson) be spent at Thomas Jefferson University.

At least 30 percent of the credits (a minimum of 54) must be obtained from formal course work, of which one third (a minimum of 18) must be in disciplines other than that of major concentration.