End of Year Review

The Student Affairs Committee and the Program Director meet at the end of each academic year to review the progress of each trainee in the program. Progress of first and second year students is evaluated at the end of each academic semester. Recommendations with regard to each graduate student may include: (1) continue in good standing, (2) further review by the graduate committee with specific remedial recommendations, or (3) dismiss from the program. Final disposition of each student is the responsibility of the Directors of the Graduate Program.

For 3rd year students and above:

Timely submission of an annual progress report for students in their third year of study and above is a requirement of the graduate program.  The student’s progress report must be submitted to the Chair of the Student Affairs Committee and Program Director by September 1st of the student’s third year of study. The progress report should provide a record of the student’s research accomplishments.  Importantly, the progress report should highlight any changes in scope or research objectives from those defined in the thesis research proposal. Students must use the form titled GPN Progress Report, which has specific instructions.