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Thesis Advisor

By the end of June of the first year that the student is matriculated into the graduate program, the student is expected to have chosen a research advisor. The student may choose from among those program faculty whose research program is, at that time, supported by extramural funding and who are able to make the long-term commitment expected of a student-mentor relationship. Once this has been accomplished and after establishing a tentative research project, the student submits to the Director of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience (GPN) the names of graduate faculty he/she wishes to have serve as members of the student's Thesis Committee.

The Thesis Committee consists of the research advisor and at least two other members of the GPN faculty and one member from another graduate program. Members of the committee are appointed by the Dean of the College of Graduate Studies in consultation with the research advisor and the Director of the GPN. The Thesis Committee convenes at least twice each year to discuss, plan and review the student's program of research and coursework. The Thesis Committee is responsible for evaluating the feasibility and merit of the student's research proposal.