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Why Did I Choose Jefferson?


Lori Beth Bennett
Sixth Year MD, PhD Student
A strong sense of community truly distinguished Jefferson from other schools to which I applied. This sense of community, in addition to a very reputable clinical curriculum and an array of interesting research opportunities in neuroscience, made Jefferson my top choice for pursuit of my MD/PhD. Faculty members are approachable and supportive, and I have developed meaningful relationships with both students and faculty here.


Kristen Metzler-Wilson
Fourth Year PhD Student
Being a part of Jefferson’s Neuroscience Program has enabled me to expand my Neuroscience knowledge from more clinical into the cellular and molecular levels as well. I’ve also been able to participate in teaching via assisting in several courses while in the Program, which has helped to solidify my career interest in both neuroscience teaching and research.


Karol Osipowicz
Third Year PhD Student
I chose Thomas Jefferson University's Neuroscience Graduate Program because I immediately felt a fit that made Jefferson my first choice. From the very beginning I not only felt like I was an integral part of the program, but here, I was made to feel like an individual. I felt as if every member of the faculty was personally involved in my education and vested in my success. Academically, we have a faculty member with first hand knowledge for every interest and every question. Clinically, we work in close concert with the Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience; one of the most prominent Neurological and Neurosurgical programs in the country, simultaneously allowing us to translate our research and have access to unique clinical resources. All of these reasons make it easy to pursue and become passionate about Neuroscience at Jefferson.


Emily Foran
Second Year PhD Student
When I was looking for a Neuroscience Graduate Program I focused on schools which were attached to medical centers or universities. I am particularly interested in neurodegenerative disorders and was intrigued by the commitment to translational Neuroscience I saw here at Jefferson. Even though my expertise and my thesis work are in basic science, I know that I do have and will continue to have the extended resources of the medical school and of the hospital. Although only in my second year I do feel that Jefferson has the breadth of experience and expertise I will need to become a productive scientist myself.


Sudarshan Phani
Fourth Year PhD Student
I chose Jefferson because I felt I could be truly involved here. Unlike other schools where I would just be another cog in the machine, I felt like my voice could be heard and make a difference here. Instead of me working to make the institution look great, Jefferson made me feel like they would do all in their power to get the best out of me. It was that sense of camaraderie that brought me to Jefferson’s neuroscience graduate program. Having now been here for some time, I'm happy with the choice I made, and if I had to do it again, would choose Jefferson again.