Lori Beth Bennett


(215) 955-4082

Lab/PI Lorraine Iacovitti, PhD

B.S. Marlboro College, Marlboro, VT – 2001
BS with Honors: World Studies/Biochemistry

Research Interests:
Adult neurogenesis, stem cells for treatment of neurodegenerative disease and stroke, embryonic and adult neural stem cell biology, Parkinson’s Disease.

Paris I, Dagnino-Subiabre A, Marcelain K, Bennett LB, Caviedes P, Caviedes R, Azar CO, Segura-Aguilar J. Copper neurotoxicity is dependent on dopamine-mediated copper uptake and one-electron reduction of aminochrome in a rat substantia nigra neuronal cell line. J Neurochem 2001 Apr; 77(2): 519-529.

Lee HJ, Jung KM, Huang YZ, Bennett LB, Lee JS, Mei L, Kim TW. Presenilin dependent gamma-secretase-like intramembrane cleavage of ErbB4. J Biol Chem 2002 Feb 22; 277(8): 6318-23.

Allen DD, Cardenas AM, Arriagada C, Bennett LB, Garcia CJ, Caviedes R, Rapoport SI, Caviedes P. A dorsal root ganglia cell line derived from trisomy 16 fetal mice, a model for Down syndrome. Neuroreport 2002 Mar 25; 13(4): 491-496.

Cardenas AM, Allen DD, Arriagada C, Olivares A, Bennett LB, Caviedes R, Dagnino-Subiabre A, Mendoza IE, Segura-Aguilar J, Rapoport SI, Caviedes P. Establishment and characterization of immortalized neuronal cell lines derived from the spinal cord of normal and trisomy 16 fetal mice, an animal model of Down syndrome: J Neurosci Res 2002 Apr 1; 68(1); 46-58.

Yang M, Bennett LB, Marshall CE, and lacovitti L. Cells of the circumventricular organs express neural stem cell markers and proliferate in the adult rat brain. (In prep; 2006).

Bennett LB
, Yang M, Marshall CE, Mehta R, and lacovitti L. Circumventricular organs are potential site for adult neural stem cells in the brain. Abstract for poster presentation, Thomas Jefferson University Chapter Sigma Xi Student Research Day, Philadelphia, PA February 2008.

Bennett LB, Yang M, Enikolopov G, and Iacovitti L. Circumventricular Organs Are Potential Site for Adult Neual Stem Cells in the Brain.  Abstract for Poster Presentation, International Society for Stem Cell Research 6th Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, PA June 2008.

Thiel KW, Bennett LB, and Carpenter G. 2005. Ectodomain Cleavage of ErbB-4, a Receptor Tyrosine Kinase. Abstract for poster presentation, Era of Hope Department of Defense Breast Cancer Research Program Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Bennett LB, Yang M, Marshall CE, Mehta R, and lacovitti L. Circumventricular organs are potential site for adult neural stem cells in the brain. Abstract for poster Society for Neuroscience 36th Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA October 2006.

Memberships, Honors, Awards:
2008 Society for Neuroscience Philadelphia Chapter Graduate Student Travel Award
Student member, Society for Neuroscience
Student member, International Society for Stem Cell Research
JCGS Alumni Travel Fellowship, 2006
Dubbs Scholar, 2003-2006

One of my most important professional goals is to help bridge the gap between clinical medicine and biomedical research.  I will probably do a residency in neuropathology or neurology, and would like to continue stem cell research.  I am originally from Nashville, TN (or nearby), and I recently married a Manhattan-born psychoanalyst and will likely make New York my home after Jefferson.  My favorite things: my four cats (two in NYC – Sian and Ka’an – and two in Philly – Diesel and Sweetie), tea, coffee, Red Bull, big gulp Diet Cokes (at least 32 ounces), music (lots), poetry, movies, liberalism, Central and South America, books, vinegar, lime and lemon juice, bubble baths, Vermont, chocolate...