Karol Osipowicz

Karol Osipowicz
Contact Kzo001@Jefferson.edu
Lab/PI Joseph I. Tracy, PhD, ABPP (CN)
Undergrad Drexel University, BS Psychology 2006
BA in Natural Science

Research Interests:
My current research interests are centered on neurophysiology and imaging.

My undergraduate research at the cognitive evolutionary neuropsychology lab at Drexel University, under the tutelage of Dr. Steven Platek, included developing a model of psycho-physiological response to romantic jealousy, applying the Game Theoretic approach to bullying, and under Dr. Ludo Scheffer developing a modified Stroop protocol to support semantic processing of language.

Memberships, Honors, Awards:
Sarah Taubin Award for enthusiasm in the field
Dean’s List: 2002-2006
Member of Psi Chi, National Honors Society in Psychology
Chair of Drexel Psychology Club
Member of Drexel Philosophy Club
Graduated Magna Cum Laude 2006

In my spare time I like to distract myself with the future Mrs. Osipowicz, riding my motorcycle, lifting weights, philosophy, and of course Scotch.