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Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out is an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings and sketches, short stories, poems and essays by Jefferson students.

It is part of the Jefferson Arts Organization, which allows students to express themselves through various artistic means. All Jefferson students are welcome to submit their work to future editions of Inside Out.

Current Issue

Spring 2016

  • Untitled by Amanda Breem
  • Stockholm Underground by David Chou
  • Portrait of a Woman by Chen Zhou
  • The Happy Prince by Yuhang Zhou
  • Feeling Limited by Amy Tressan
  • Winged Scapula by Daisy Zhang
  • Untitled by Kathryn Tuazon
  • Cooking with Papa in Ramadan by Anitha Ahmed
  • Not Sure where I'm Going by Jessica Gatt
  • Salt Marsh by Jessica Gatt
  • Bite your liquor, not your tongue by Daisy Zhang
  • Dr. Frank N Furter by Kathryn Tuazon
  • Calm by Jessica Gatt
  • River Basin by Jessica Gatt
  • Thoracic Vertebra by Holy Rankin
  • Scapula 2 by Holy Rankin
  • The Kacha Bazaar by Tanziyah Muqeem
  • Fructose-Drunk by Anitha Ahmed
  • Portrait of My Friend by Danylo I. Holubnyk
  • Laborer at the Docks by Danylo I. Holubnyk
  • No End in Sight by Sarah T. Cohen
  • Chai Tea Lattes by Karishma Kodia
  • Untitled by Mary Riley
  • Not Just Another Horse by Sarah T. Cohen
  • Brain Food by SoniaMae Bedua
  • The Breem by Karly Brown
  • 279 by Karishma Kodia
  • Shoes by Karishma Kodia
  • Untitled by Amanda Breem
  • Muscles–Posterior View by Kathryn Tuazon
  • Ghar Ki Murghey, Daal Baraaber by Anitha Ahmed
  • Cobalt by Chen Zhou
  • Dutchman by David Chou
  • Daadi’s Story by Anitha Ahmed
  • It escapes, irretrievable time by Danylo I. Holubnyk
  • Saturday Night at the Empire State by Yuhang Zhou
  • Nude Study by Chen Zhou
  • Day's End by Chen Zhou

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