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Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out is an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings and sketches, short stories, poems and essays by Jefferson students.

It is part of the Jefferson Arts Organization, which allows students to express themselves through various artistic means. All Jefferson students are welcome to submit their work to future editions of Inside Out.

Current Issue

Spring 2014

  • Angkor Thom: City of a Thousand Smiling Faces by Miranda G. Law
  • Exposed Jade by Kami L. McManus
  • Cheerleader Graffiti by Ethan Sellers
  • Inca Beauty by Amy Tressan
  • Ethereal by David Chou
  • Mediumship by Michael Joseph Kolachny, Jr., RN
  • The Native Inspiration by Sepehr Sedigh
  • Elephant by Julia Huntington
  • Unrequited Love by Amy Tressan
  • Wait by Nona Lu
  • Clouds with Secrets by Amy Tressan
  • Thunderstrike in Camden by Yuhang Zhou
  • Crash by Diway Bermudez
  • At Dusk I Carry Stones... by Ethan Sellers
  • Docks at Jaffa by Kami L. McManus
  • The Pier by David Chou
  • Sipapuni by Daniel Gealy
  • Tsé Bit’ a’ Í by Daniel Gealy
  • Falls by Diway Bermudez
  • Axis Mundii by Michael Joseph Kolachny, Jr., RN
  • Twin Water Lily by Sepehr Sedigh
  • A Penned Heart by Mark McShane
  • Lighting the Ancient Temple of Borobudur by Miranda G. Law
  • Just what His Holiness Ordered by Nithin Paul
  • A Journey from Within by Miranda G. Law
  • Blossoming by Angela Wong
  • Soliloquy by Diway Bermudez
  • Milkweed Dreams by Ethan Sellers
  • Life in Interlaken Switzerland by Miranda G. Law
  • Winter Passing by David Chou
  • The Lighthouse of Old Point Loma by Jonathan Elias
  • Home Song by Mark McShane
  • Take Me with You by Kami L. McManus
  • My Father’s Stars by Amy Tressan

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