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Inside Out

Inside Out

Inside Out is an annual art and literary journal which showcases photography, paintings and sketches, short stories, poems and essays by Jefferson students.

It is part of the Jefferson Arts Organization, which allows students to express themselves through various artistic means. All Jefferson students are welcome to submit their work to future editions of Inside Out.

Current Issue

Spring 2015

  • Calling by Amy Tressan
  • Checkmate by Joshua Cannon
  • Contort by Michael Natter
  • For Vastness' Sake by Marc McShane
  • Old Country Road by Jonathan Elias
  • Dippers by Ethan Sellers
  • A Liberated Caravan by Tanziyah Muqeem
  • To be, or Not to be by Danylo I. Holubnyk
  • Sand Francisco, 2009 by Sina Vahedi
  • Tranquil Days by David Chou
  • Living by Marc McShane
  • Never Too Early for a Nap by Tuc To
  • Reclining Nude by Chen Zhou
  • Peace Crane by Lauren Burgoon
  • Untitled Hand by Amanda Joseph
  • Japan Memorial by Lauren Burgoon
  • The Clearing Storm by Eric W. Kostuk
  • Wild Flowers by Amanda Joseph
  • Female Nudes by Elise Campbell
  • Missing You, Rain Dancer by Ethan Sellers
  • Brick and Glass by Nithin Paul
  • The Pirate Life by Danylo I. Holubnyk
  • A precarious Perch by Tanziyah Muqeem
  • Leadenhall Market by David Chou
  • Lacing Up by Amy Tressan
  • Light by Frederick Peng
  • High Tide by Joshua Cannon
  • I Heart You so Much by Sonia Mae Beduya
  • Heart by Karly Brown
  • Flower by Karly Brown
  • Philadelphia, 2014 by Sina Vahedi
  • Lectularius by Amy Tressan
  • Military by Karly Brown
  • Redrawing of a Classic Lion Artwork by Karly Brown
  • Skull by Elise Campbell
  • Untitled by Ellen Poteau
  • A Fond Future Memory by Jonathan Elias
  • Nude Study by Chen Zhou
  • Glow by Amanda Joseph

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