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Campus Currency

Campus Currency is the innovative way to make cash-free purchases simply by presenting your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  The cashless campus environment allows purchases to be made on campus and at participating merchants.  Whether you're buying textbooks, movie tickets, lunch, coffee, snacks or sweathshirts, Campus Currency is all you need!

Your Campus Currency account can be activated by visiting Integrated Card Services in the Jefferson Bookstore with cash, Visa or MasterCard; enrolling in a pre-funded payroll deduction through Employee Self Service; or loading your account with a credit card at the Online Card Center (GET).

Campus Currency is accepted at locations both on and off campus.

NOTE: As of October 1, 2015, Campus Currency will replace the FastPass Program

Commuter Services Office

The Commuter Services Office (CSO) provides transportation and parking assistance to Jefferson personnel and students.  A valid Jefferson Photo ID Badge must be presented to access the products and services of the Commuter Services Office.  Cash, Visa, MasterCard, Campus Currency, TJU Qualified Trans Benefit (employees only) and CSO Additional Payment Af Tax (employees only) are accepted for payment.

Employees can enroll in both TJU Qualified Trans Benefit and CSO Additional Payment Af Tax through Employee Self Service.  Click here for instructions to start, review, change or stop/cancle your voluntary deductions.

Printing Account at the Scott Memorial Library

The library printing program was designed to provide access to printing resources throughout the Scott Memorial Library. 

Payment for printing is deducted from your printing account (students) or Campus Currency (employees).  Each time you print/copy, the amount will automatically be deducted from the appropriate account. 

When you need to print, just visit one of the public area printers/copiers, and swipe your Jefferson Photo ID Badge at the print release station. 

Printers and copiers accepting accounts on the Jefferson Photo ID Badge can be found in the Scott Memorial Library on floors 2, 3 and 4.

Printing/copying is just $0.10 per page.

How Do I Fund My Accounts?

Add Value to Your Accounts Via:

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