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Students and personnel are eligible for a Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  The Jefferson Photo ID Badge Policy (200.30) defines personnel as faculty, staff, medical staff, residents, volunteers, contractors, vendors and visitors.

The Jefferson Photo ID Badge is the official identification badge.  The badge is a multi-functional card with digitized photo and electronic identification and validation for departments need to verify student and/or personnel status.  The badge serves as a platform for identity, compliance and access, as well as other campus-related services and functions.

The Jefferson Photo ID Badge is generated from data obtained from the student record system or employee personnel database.  Non-employee affiliates may be issued a photo identification badge at the discretion of the organization.

Only students and personnel with a campus key are eligible to use the Online Card Center (GET).

Every Jefferson Photo ID Badge holder is automatically enrolled in Campus Currency.

No action needs to be taken to enroll!  Just activate your account by adding funds in person at Integrated Card Services, in the Online Card Center (GET) or through the Campus Currency voluntary deduction in Employee Self Service.

Your account(s) are automatically opened for you when you receive your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  Make a deposit through the Online Card Center (GET) with Visa or MasterCard; your electronic funds will be available immediately.  The Online Card Center (GET) allows you to add funds, check your balances and view your recent transactions at any time.

Employees can depost funds on to their Jefferson Photo ID Badge by enrolling in voluntary deduction(s) through Employee Self Service

You can always make a deposit in person at Integrated Card Services, located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street, during regular business hours.

Campus Currency is an account on your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.

When making a purchase using Campus Currency simply present your Jefferson Photo ID Badge to the merchant.  Your badge will be swiped to obtain payment for your purchase.

Campus Currency can be used at a variety of merchants both on and off campus.

If your favorite Jefferson-area merchant isn't listed, let us know and we will reach out to them.  Send merchant information to

Campus Currency can be used to pay for Commuter Services products purchased, in-person, at the Commuter Services Office.

Campus Currency cannot be used as payment for monthly parking, PATCO or Pass-Buy-Mail.  Qualified Transit Benefit MT (pre-tax), CSO Additional Payment Af Tax (pre-funded after tax) and credit card are the only accepted forms of payment for monthly products/services

If you have pre-funded your FastPass account, any balance remaining at midnight on September 30, 2015 will automatically be transferred to your Campus Currency account for use beginning October 1, 2015.  Your customer experience will be seamless.

Rights and privileges associated with the badge are non-transferable.  Do not lend your badge to a friend.  You are accountable for all financial and business transactions conducted with your Jefferson Photo ID Badge.  All Jefferson personnel (employees, medical and house staff, faculty, students, volunteers, clergy and vendors) will display a Jefferson Photo ID Badge while on Jefferson property.

If you believe your Jefferson Photo ID Badge has been lost or stolen, please contact Integrated Card Services, located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street, at 215-955-7942 during our regular business hours For your convenience, the Online Card Center (GET) is available 24 hours a day to report your card as lost or found.

Once you report the loss online or speak with a Integrated Card Services representative, your Jefferson Photo ID Badge will be frozen immediately.  Frozen accounts may be reactivated through the Online Card Center (GET) or at Integrated Card Services; only the most recently issued card can be reactivated.

When Integrated Card Services is closed you may report the loss to the Jefferson Campus Security Department at (215) 955-8888, but your card will not be deactivated.

NOTE: there is a $15.00 replacement cost for lost badges.

If you find someone else’s badge, be sure to return it to Integrated Card Services, located in the Jefferson Bookstore at 1009 Chestnut Street, or call (215) 955-7942 for further instructions.  Attempting to use a lost and/or stolen badge for any purpose can be considered theft.

Once you make a deposit into any of your accounts the balance stays with you as long as you are a member of the Jefferson Community.  If you retire, resign, terminate employment, graduate or withdraw from an academic program and have a remaining balance of $1.00 or more, you may be issued a refund.

Only balances in your Campus Currency, Student Printing or CSO Additional Payment Af Tax can be refunded to you.  Employees with a balance in the Qualified Trans Benefit MT account will forfeit the balance as outlined by the Internal Revenue Service.

Before a refund can be issued, we must confirm that you have no outstanding balances with Jefferson (i.e. Commuter Services Office, Library, Tuition Office, Fitness & Recreation Center, Housing & Residence Life).  If an outstanding balance is due, it will be satisfied with any remaining funds in your account(s) prior to a refund being processed.

Refunds will be issued via check, approximately 30 days after separation and mailed to your permanent address on file.

Please note that accounts with remaining balances of $0.99 or less will not be refunded.