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Famous Jefferson Alumni

Alumni School/Year Known for...
Samuel D. Gross JMC 1828 Professor of Surgery at JMC and founder of the Alumni Association (1870). Featured in Thomas Eakins "The Gross Clinic."
Jonathan M. Foltz JMC 1830 First White House Physician and U.S. Navy Surgeon General.
Robley Dunglison JMC 1830 Physician to Thomas Jefferson, "Father of American Human Physiology" and Dean of JMC (1854-1868).
Jonathan Letterman JMC 1849 Conceived on and implemented America's first effective ambulance corps system for the removal of wounded from the battlefield during the Civil War.
S. Weir Mitchell JMC 1850 Neuro-psychiatrist, physiologist, and novelist.
William S. Forbes JMC 1852 "Father of the Anatomical Act"
Carlos Finlay JMC 1855 Discovered the carrier of yellow fever.
William W. Keen JMC 1862 Performed the first successful removal of a brain tumor in America that led to a cure.
J. Chalmers Da Costa JMC 1885 Editor of "Gray's Anatomy."
John H. Gibbon, Jr. JMC 1927 Developed the heart-lung machine.
James M. Hunter JMC 1953 Developed the first artificial tendon for use in the rehabilitation of impaired hands.
Robert C. Gallo JMC 1963 Associated the HIV virus with AIDS.

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