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Chemical Waste Disposal Procedure

Request for Hazardous Waste Disposal

The Department of Environmental Health and Safety is responsible and properly certified for the disposal of Hazardous Waste.  EH &S removes most hazardous materials and advises others on their use; disposal, cleanup, and remediation.

To request a pick-up, please contact the Department of Environmental Health and Safety at 3-6260 or Stephen Baker the Environmental Health Officer at 3-7352.

Please provide the following information when you schedule for a hazardous waste disposal:

  • Name
  • Contact Number
  • Building Name
  • Department Name
  • Room Number
  • Name of Chemical
  • Number of Containers
  • Container Volume

NOTE:  Sharps Disposal Containers and Trace Chemotherapy Containers (yellow container) are not collected by Environmental Health and Safety.  To request a pick up, please contact the following services.

  • Hospital Departments should contact Environmental Services at 5-6100.
  • University Departments should contact Custodial Services at 5-6846.