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Special Procedures for
Code Red

Security:  Security will meet and direct the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) to the fire location. They will also maintain communications at the fire location and direct those not involved in the emergency to evacuate the area. They are authorized to stop non-emergency responders from entering the building. They will call the PFD and provide the street address and floor number to where the Code Red is occurring. They will also communicate with Facilities Services to assure that everyone is aware of the alarm.

Telephone Operators:  Immediately upon being notified of a fire or visible smoke, telephone operators will initiate an in-house Code Red.

Operating Rooms: If surgery is in progress, all decisions affecting the patient’s welfare will be made by the surgeon/physician in charge. OR personnel must be familiar with the locations of medical gas shut-offs.

Maintenance Control Room:  Upon receipt of an alarm, Control Room personnel will dispatch via mobile radio all Jefferson employees assigned to the Emergency Response Team to the fire location. They will also notify Security to assure that everyone has received the alarm.

Emergency Response Team:  Employees from the Maintenance, Security and Environmental Health & Safety Departments staff the Emergency Response Team. They shall immediately upon notification of a fire alarm proceed to the area of alarm. They must pick up fire extinguishers as they approach the area in jeopardy.

Elevators:  During the period of alarm, elevators will be returned to the ground floor level and remain inoperative. Security will take the Emergency Response Team and PFD to the floor below the fire, via elevator if necessary.

The Emergency Response Team is directed by the University Fire Marshal, Director of Environmental Health & Safety, Director of Facilities Services or the senior team member present.