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Fire Evacuation Procedures

  1. If you discover a fire or smoke, sound the building fire alarm.  Fire alarm pull stations are located next to all fire tower doors on every floor.  You are responsible to know how to activate the fire alarm pull stations.
  2. The Security Officer stationed in the Security Command Center will immediately notify the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) by dialing 9-9-1-1 when an alarm is transmitted.
  3. WHEN THE FIRE ALARM SOUNDS, LEAVE AT ONCE.  Close the doors behind you, proceed into the nearest fire tower exit, and remain there until you are given instructions by the PFD or Jefferson Fire Marshal.  Fire tower exits are safe areas of refuge since they are enclosed and the doors and walls are fire rated to keep smoke and heat from entering the stairway.
  4. DO NOT USE THE ELEVATORS.  If the power fails, the elevators will stop, causing the occupants to become trapped.  Since elevator shaftways are like chimneys, smoke could enter the elevator shaft thereby asphyxiating the occupants who are trying to evacuate the building.
  5. Feel the door leading from your office to the corridor before opening it.  If it is hot or smoke is seeping in, do not open the door.  If you become trapped in your office and cannot reach the fire exit, keep the door closed and seal off any cracks. Use the telephone in your office to call the PFD by dialing 9-9-1-1, and give the name and address of the building, as well as your floor and the office number.
  6. If the door feels cool, open cautiously.  Be braced to slam it shut of you feel heat pressure against the door.  If the corridor is clear, proceed with the building evacuation instructions.
  7. PHYSICALLY CHALLENGED:  A responsible person or persons who work in the same area as the disabled should be assigned to assist in the event of fire.  The disabled are to be taken to the fire exit and remain on the landing until assisted by the PFD.
  8. If caught in smoke or heat, stay low where the air is better.  Take short breaths through your nose until you reach an area of refuge.


Be sure the fire exit doors are kept closed at all times so smoke cannot enter the stairway.

These exits are not to be used for any type of storage.
  They must remain clear and well lighted at all times.  If at anytime, you observe fire exit doors being tied or propped open, please report it to the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.