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Paying Suppliers

Operational Notes & Procedures

  • Purchases of goods and services via:
    • Ascent Purchase Order
    • Request for Payment for items such as subscriptions, memberships, honoraria,  conference registrations and petty cash reimbursements
    • Procurement Card
  • Payments to suppliers are typically processed on Tuesday and Thursday evenings
  • Suppliers will be paid electronically whenever possible
  • Invoices will be received electronically from suppliers whenever possible
  • Guidelines for requesting an outgoing wire transfer
  • Matching is a daily process where purchase orders are reconciled to invoices and receipts
    • Payments to suppliers will not be made until documents match
    • Your prompt participation in resolving match exceptions when requested aids in maintaining positive supplier relationships
  • IRS form 1099 Miscellaneous Income is mailed in January for the preceding calendar year

Ensuring Success Tidbits

Determine appropriate method to obtain goods or services:

  • If using Ascent PO:
    • create requisition
    • obtain required approvals
    • attach supporting documentation, if required
  • If using Request for Payment:
    • select correct form for your employer
    • obtain required signatures
    • attach all supporting documentation
  • If using Procurement Card:
    • retain support and documentation for charge


  • Jefferson Policies and Procedures, accessible via Pulse (left navigation, after logging in)
    • #118.02 Purchase Request
    • #103.15 Request for Payment
    • #103.00 Procurement Credit Card, Use Of
    • #103.10 Petty Cash Fund
    • #118.14 Return of Supplies or Equipment to Vendors
  • Review transactions
    • Activity on financial systems
    • Accounts Payable Distribution Reports
      - Monthly and Fiscal Year to Date versions
      - Published to VistaPlus for online viewing on first of month for preceding month
    • Procurement Card
  • Discussion on Employee or Independent Contractor determination

Paying Suppliers Forms