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It can be confusing and overwhelming to navigate all the issues surrounding elder care. That’s why the staff at Jefferson Elder Care offers professional counseling, evaluation and assessment services designed to help caregivers provide the highest level of care to older adults. Our geriatric specialists provide comprehensive, practical advice and training for family members as well as for professional caregivers.

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Clinical & Consultation Services


Skills2Care is our program for helping caregivers manage the difficult task of assisting seniors suffering from dementia. In this program, a Skills2Care occupational therapist visits the senior’s home to learn about care challenges and evaluate the living environment. The therapist then develops a set of strategies customized to address the unique needs of each individual.

Skills2Care Helps Caregivers:

  • Manage challenging behaviors such as wandering or refusing help
  • Make the home a safer environment
  • Reduce caregiver stress
  • Engage seniors in meaningful activities

Home Safety Assessment

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A home safety assessment is critical to helping reduce the risk of falls and injury. In a Jefferson Elder Care Home Safety Assessment, an occupational therapist visits and assesses the home environment to provide seniors with a greater sense of security and make it easier for them to access safe areas.

Home Safety Assessments Help Caregivers:

  • Increase bathing and showering safety with advice about appropriate equipment choice, location and functionality
  •  Create safer placement and easier access to furniture and fixtures
  • Understand how and where to safely store medications and potentially harmful liquids such as pesticides
  • Understand how and where to safely store and access daily items like clothes and kitchen utensils
  • Create interior and exterior passageways that are better illuminated, more accessible and free of trip and fall hazards

Agency Consultation

Assisting individuals who demonstrate dementia symptoms or behavior can be challenging.  Jefferson Elder Care Agency Consultation helps agency personnel by providing them with specialized knowledge and skills that can improve the quality of care.

Agency Consultation Helps Agencies:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate programs that support individuals with dementia
  • Assess environmental features that trigger dementia-related behaviors
  • Evaluate factors that impact the safety of individuals who have dementia
  • Enhance the effectiveness and safety of caregivers who participate in activities with seniors who are suffering from dementia