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  • Goldsmith, Barbara

    Chair and Professor, Bioscience Technologies, Jefferson School of Health Professions
    Director, Point of Care and Quality Management and Clinical Professor, Pathology, Anatomy and Cell Biology, Sidney Kimmel Medical College

    Barbara M. Goldsmith, PhD, FACB

    Barbara M. Goldsmith, PhD, FACB

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    130 South 9th Street
    Suite 2100
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    (215) 503-8187
    (215) 503-2189 fax




Adjunct Faculty Members

Samir K. Ballas, MD, Clinical Professor
James Bondi, MT(ASCP), MS, Clinical Assistant Professor
Glenn Bull, MT(ASCP), MS, Lecturer
Tim Caniz, BS, CT (ASCP), Laboratory Teaching Associate
Rex B. Conn, MD, Clinical Professor, Emeritus Professor, Jefferson Medical College
Mary Cunnane, MD, Lecturer
Catherine DeWitt, CT(ASCP), BS, Laboratory Teaching Associate
Manmohan Dhanjal, MT(ASCP)SH, BS, Clinical Instructor
Anne Driscoll, MT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Nancy Edger, RN, BSN, Clinical Instructor
Pamela Edmonds, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Hormoz Ehya, MD, Clinical Professor
Eva Evangelista, CT(ASCP), BS, Laboratory Teaching Associate
Kimberly Fielder, CT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Marcella Fluehr, MLT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Olarae Giger, PhD, Lecturer
Randall Hammond, PhD, Lecturer; Schering-Plough Research Institute
Mary W. Harris, MT(ASCP)SBB, BS, Clinical Instructor
Clementine Hawthorne, CT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Vaidehi Kannan, MD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Albert A. Keshgegian, MD, PhD, Clinical Professor and Medical Advisor, Medical Technology Program; Chairman, Department of Pathology, Main Line Health System
Gerald Knee, MT(ASCP), MS, Clinical Instructor
Hue Lam, BS, CT(ASCP), Laboratory Teaching Associate
Kelly Bonn Lennen, MS, CT(ASCP), Laboratory Teaching Associate
Yen Liu, BS, CT(ASCP), Laboratory Teaching Associate
Wenda S. Long, CLSp(CG), PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor
Ronald D. Luff, MD, MPH, Clinical Professor; Medical Director, Cytotechnology Program; Vice President and Director of Anatomic Pathology, Questdiagnostics, Inc.
Teresita Manzano, MT(ASCP)C, BS, Clinical Instructor
Marcia Marchese, MT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Linda McWilliams, MT(ASCP)SBB, BS, Clinical Instructor
Mary Paranto-Nix, MT(ASCP)SBB, MS, Clinical Instructor
Margaret Rapa, MT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Sally Rosen, MD, Clinical Associate Professor
Susan Salber, CLSp(CG), BA, Clinical Instructor
Deborah Santucci, CT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Natsuko Shiina, CT (ASCP, JSC), IAC, Laboratory Teaching Associate
Tatiana Suarez, PhD, Post-doctoral Fellow
Ewa Tomczak, CLSp(CG), DVM, Clinical Instructor
Annette VanValkenburg, MT(ASCP)SH, MS Clinical Assistant Professor
James Weidmann, CT(ASCP), BS, Clinical Instructor
Gloria S. Whitney, HT(ABHI), BS, Clinical Instructor