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Biotechnology is one of the region’s most exciting and fastest-growing industries. Marked by rapidly changing technologies, techniques, and applications, Biotechnology continues to evolve in as one of the most promising sectors in our nation’s economy.  This field is for those who would like to be part of a discovery team to find novel ways to diagnose and treat cancer, or who are interested in helping to pioneer gene- and stem-cell therapies to treat disease, or those who will create new approaches to combat world hunger through genetically modified  plants that are more nutritious or can grow in drought stricken climates? 

Be an expert of cell and tissue structure morphology and function; use microscopes, automated imaging systems and sophisticated laboratory techniques to detect and diagnose diseases. Perform molecular and immunologic tests to personalize patient care, diagnose a mysterious respiratory illness, assist clinicians in collecting and evaluating specimens from any body site or identify precancerous cells at their earliest and most curable stage.

Seventy percent of medical decisions are based on laboratory testing conducted by medical laboratory scientists. Perform analytic tests used to diagnose health conditions like diseases of the heart, liver, lung, kidney and blood.