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Curriculum Overview

The curriculum is modeled on the core curriculum developed by AAMFT, focusing on key areas of contemporary practice including:

  • couple and marital intervention
  • family therapy with children
  • families in transition (divorce and remarriage)
  • family violence
  • medical family therapy
  • sex therapy

The curriculum reflects a bio-psychosocial approach to understanding human behavior, viewing the behavior of individuals, couples, families, and larger systems as the result of an interaction of biological, psychological, and social factors. It also reflects a commitment to training therapists to be aware of and sensitive to issues of cultural diversity and their impact on family functioning and the therapeutic process.

First Year

1st semester Credits
Theory and Practice of Family Therapy I 3
Foundations of Systemic Practice 3
Theory and Practice of Couple Therapy I
Life Span Development from a Systemic Perspective 3
Practicum I 3


2nd semester Credits
Theory and Practice of Family Therapy II 3
Psychopathology in Socio-Cultural Context 3
Assessment in Couple and Family Therapy 3
Introduction to Sex Therapy: Concepts in Human Sexuality 3
Practicum II 3


Summer session Credits
Live Supervision I 3
Practicum III 3


Second Year

1st semester Credits
Implications for Diversity in Practice 3
Research in Couple and Family Therapy 3
Advanced Sex Therapy I*
Issues of Violence and Abuse in the Family**
Live Supervision II 3
Practicum IV 3


2nd semester Credits
Professional, Ethical, and Legal Issues in Couple and Family Therapy 3
Advanced Sex Therapy II*
Medical Family Therapy**
Families in Transition 3
Master’s Project 3
Practicum V 3


Summer session, if needed Credits
Practicum V (continued, if needed)***

Total Credits


Students must complete 500 direct clinical hours, 250 of which must be with couples or families. They must also complete 100 hours of supervision, 50 hours of which must be based on raw data as defined by COAMTE.

* Sex Therapy Track Course
**Couple and Family Therapy Track Course
***As it is impossible to predict how a student's caseload will fill over the course of the program, students may be required to complete Practicum V through the summer (June through August) of their second year. Until students complete the requisite 500 clinical hours, students will receive an I/IP in Practicum V.