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Roseann C. Schaaf, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. An Intervention for Sensory Difficulties in Children with Autism: A Randomized Trial
  2. Autonomic Dysregulation During Sensory Stimulation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  3. Occupational therapy based on ayres sensory integration in the treatment of retentive fecal incontinence in a 3-year-old boy
  4. Occupational therapy using sensory integration to improve participation of a child with autism: A case report
  5. Cross-cultural comparison of sensory behaviors in children with autism
  6. Emerging as leaders in autism research and practi Using the data-driven intervention process
  7. Occupational therapy and sensory integration for children with autism: A feasibility, safety, acceptability and fidelity study
  8. Use of robotics in spinal cord injury: A case report
  9. Interventions that address sensory dysfunction for individuals with autism spectrum disorders: Prelimi 11A5 nary evidence for the superiority of sensory integration compared to other sensory approaches
  10. Phenotypes within sensory modulation dysfunction
  11. Comparison of behavioral intervention and sensory-integration therapy in the treatment of challenging behavior
  12. The everyday routines of families of children with autism: Examining the impact of sensory processing difficulties on the family
  13. Development of a fidelity measure for research on the effectiveness of the ayres sensory integration® intervention
  14. Evolution of the sensory integration frame of reference
  15. Examining the neuroscience evidence for sensory driven neuroplasticity: Implications for sensory-based occupational therapy for children and adolescents
  16. Parasympathetic functions in children with sensory processing disorder
  17. Neuroscience foundations of vestibular, proprioceptive, and tactile sensory strategies
  18. Family narratives and play assessment
  19. Occupational therapy using a sensory integrative approach: A case study of effectiveness
  20. Fidelity in sensory integration intervention research