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Roseann C. Schaaf, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA

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Most Recent Peer-reviewed Publications

  1. Measuring change in somatosensation across the lifespan
  2. Creating evidence for practice using data-driven decision making
  3. Sensory integration and praxis patterns in children with autism
  4. Toward a Best-Practice Protocol for Assessment of Sensory Features in ASD
  5. Interrater reliability and discriminative validity of the structural elements of the ayres sensory integrationĀ® fidelity measureĀ©
  6. Sensory interventions for children with autism
  7. Response from authors to comments on "An intervention for sensory difficulties in children with autism: A randomized trial"
  8. State of measurement in occupational therapy using sensory integration
  9. An intervention for sensory difficulties in children with autism: A randomized trial
  10. Autonomic Dysregulation During Sensory Stimulation in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
  11. Occupational therapy based on ayres sensory integration in the treatment of retentive fecal incontinence in a 3-year-old boy
  12. Occupational therapy using sensory integration to improve participation of a child with autism: A case report
  13. Cross-cultural comparison of sensory behaviors in children with autism
  14. Emerging as leaders in autism research and practice: Using the data-driven intervention process
  15. Occupational therapy and sensory integration for children with autism: A feasibility, safety, acceptability and fidelity study
  16. Use of robotics in spinal cord injury: A case report
  17. Interventions that address sensory dysfunction for individuals with autism spectrum disorders: Preliminary evidence for the superiority of sensory integration compared to other sensory approaches
  18. Phenotypes within sensory modulation dysfunction
  19. Comparison of behavioral intervention and sensory-integration therapy in the treatment of challenging behavior
  20. The everyday routines of families of children with autism: Examining the impact of sensory processing difficulties on the family