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Doctorate Curriculum Interface

Students for the proposed program can be non-matriculated or matriculated in the Jefferson OTD curriculum. The program may serve as a feeder to the Jefferson OTD curriculum. For students currently in the Jefferson OTD curriculum who wish to take one or more courses in the proposed series, the interface is as follows. 

The Jefferson OTD curriculum provides an individualized plan of study based on a foundation of coursework in advanced evidence based practice, leadership, and visionary program development and evaluation. In the Teaching in the Digital Age specialty area, OTD students take the Certificate courses as their advanced practice courses, along with any additional electives that complement their desired career plan (such as electives in Autism or Dementia Care). OTD students then complete a mentored Fellowship experience that is an individualized, intensive immersion into a specialized area of occupational therapy with older adults. Areas of focus may include: program design and evaluation (including the ability to create new practice models or apply current models in novel ways); systems change projects (organizational strategic planning), a single subject case study, or clinically applied research with a faculty mentor. Following the Fellowship, students further analyze and disseminate the results from their projects in a final Capstone. 

The OTD program may be taken part-time or full-time and is highly flexible and tailored to individual students’ needs. Contact Dr. Susan Toth-Cohen, OTD Program Director, at or (215) 503-9610 for additional information including a personalized trajectory plan.

Bachelor Entry Courses Credits
Online Tutorial – Evidence Based Practice 0
OT 603, Research Methods and Mentorship 3
OT 680, Leading Edge Occupational Therapy Practice 3
OT 681, Advanced Occupational Therapy Practicum 6
Core Courses
OT 798, OTD Seminar (taken each semester) 1
OT 778, Advanced Evidence-Based Practice 3
OT 782, Leadership: Moving Beyond Traditional Roles* 3
OT 727, Visionary Program Development and Evaluation 3
Advanced Practice Courses and electives related to the Certificate, Teaching in the Digital Age**
OT 797, Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Clinical Practice 3
OT 797, College Teaching in the Digital Age 3
OT 797, The Evidence Base of Teaching: Advanced Curriculum Development 3
Clinical Fellowship and Capstone:
depending on nature of project and experience
OT 800, Doctoral Fellowship (3 credit minimum for therapists with > 3 years experience; 6 credits for therapists with |<3 years experience) 3-6
OT 801, Doctoral Capstone (3 credit minimum for therapists with > 3 years experience; 6 credits for therapists with |<3 years experience) 3-6

*Taken as part of Teaching Certificate

**Additional specialty courses and electives are available in each semester, including:

  • Cultural Humility and Competence
  • Health Literacy
  • Wellness across the Lifespan