Teaching in the Digital Age Course Descriptions

OT797 Bridging the Gap between Classroom and Clinical Practice (3 credits)

  • Gain an in-depth review of strategies and best practices to prepare entry-level students to enter clinical practice and integrate OT theory and research into practice
  • Learn methods that encourage and capitalize upon the mutual flow of ideas between educator and clinician and have the potential to move practice forward
  • Identify the key strategies of educator/clinician collaboration and negotiation to enhance the use of evidence in daily clinical practice

OT797 College Teaching in the Digital Age (3 credits)

  • Review the history, theory and trends in higher education that will equip learners with the foundational knowledge necessary for teaching roles in academic settings
  • Examine the theoretical basis and practical application of specific teaching strategies that can be applied in online, classroom and clinical settings
  • Examine topics related to learner issues/needs, motivation and diversity
  • Study principles of course development and delivery of instruction through traditional strategies and newer technologies for online education such as blogs, wikis, web conferencing and virtual environments

OT782 Leadership: Moving Beyond Traditional Roles (3 credits)

  • Gain understanding and synthesize information from diverse fields including leadership theory, health policy, sociopolitical systems, health and disability and health policy
  • Explore various leadership theories
  • Synthesize knowledge from current health, political and social trends to forecast needs and opportunities for the future; analyze how these trends and policies affect heath policy, healthcare professionals and individuals with disabilities
  • Explore funding opportunities to support new and innovative practices