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Combined BS/MSOT Program


The combined Bachelor and Master of Science in Occupational Therapy is for students with 2 years of college-level courses, including prerequisites. Students are awarded a Bachelor of Science in Occupation & Health and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy concurrently upon successful completion of the program.

Program Length

Degree Requirements

  • 3 years entry-level and graduate coursework
  • 2 full-time Level II Fieldwork rotations (12 weeks each)

Length of Program/Activities – 3 years full time

  • Year 1: September – May: fall and spring semester coursework; May – June: summer session coursework;
  • Year 2: September – May: fall and spring semester coursework; May – June: summer session coursework;
    June – August:
    full-time Fieldwork Level II rotation and online coursework (12 weeks)
  • Year 3: September – December: full-time Fieldwork Level II rotation and online coursework (12 weeks);
    January – May:
    spring semester coursework



Fall Semester Credits
OT300 Introduction to Applied Science 1
OT302 Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT311 Health and Health Conditions 4
OT321 Foundations of Occupation-Centered Practice I 2
OT330 Using an Occupational Therapy Lens in the Clinic 2
OT336 Occupation Through the Life Span (Lecture/Laboratory) 5
Total 18
(all undergrad)
Spring Semester Credits
CMST201 Technology Applications for Healthcare 3
OT308 Concepts in Neurodevelopment (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT322 Foundations of Occupation-Centered Practice II 2
OT340 Domains of Occupational Therapy Practice –
Fieldwork Level I
OT357 Evaluation Process (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT577 Historical Perspectives on Theory-Based Practice 3
Total 18
(15 undergrad/3 grad)
Summer Session I  
OT341 Occupational Analysis & Evaluation –
Fieldwork Level I
Total 2
(all undergrad)


Fall Semester Credits
OT 440 Interventions:  Enhancing Human Performance – Fieldwork Level I
OT441 Interventions:  Enhancing Social Performance – Fieldwork Level I
OT552 Interventions:  Enhancing Human Performance (lecture/laboratory) 5
OT558 Interventions: Enhancing Social Participation 3
Graduate Elective or  Independent Study 3
Total 15
(4 undergrad/11 grad)
Spring Semester Credits
Undergraduate Elective 3
Undergraduate Elective 3
ID302 Understanding Research Principles 3
OT560 Interventions: Environmental Competence 3
OT561 Environmental Competence Lab 1
OT562 Environmental Competence in Action 1
OT600 Occupational Therapy Professional Seminar 1
Total 15
(9 undergrad/ 6 grad)
Summer Session I (May through June)  
OT467 Health Services Administration & Professional Development 2
OT603 Research Mentorship and Methods 4
Total 6
(2 undergrad/ 4 grad)
Summer Session II (July through September)  
OT480 Fieldwork Level IIA (July through end of September) 6
OT578 Evidence Based Practice I (on-line, July through September) 1
Total 7
(6 undergrad/ 1 grad)


Fall Semester  
OT482 Fieldwork Level IIB (October through December) 6
OT579 Evidence Based Practice II (on-line, October through December) 1
Total 7
(6 undergrad/1 grad) 
Spring Semester Credits
OT682 Clinical Leadership 3
OT627 Program Design & Evaluation 3
OT670 Advanced Research Seminar 3
Total 9
(all grad)

Credit Summary

Credits Required for Admissions to Jefferson 58
Jefferson Undergraduate Credits 62
Total # of Credits for TJU Bachelor of Science Requirement 120
TJU Graduate Credits  35

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Admission Requirements

For more information contact E. Adel Herge, OTD, OTR/L at
(215) 503-9608 or

Donald Sharples
Admissions Counselor (215) 503-1044 donald.sharples

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