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Plan a College Education (PACE) Program


High school students who want to assure admission to Jefferson’s occupational therapy program can apply to the Plan a College Education (PACE) program in their senior year of high school. PACE students attend any accredited college or university for two years to complete their prerequisites and liberal arts education, and then transfer into the entry-level BS/MS in occupational therapy program. 

For a list of schools with which Jefferson has partnership agreements, click here.

Program Length


PACE students enter the BS/MSOT program when they get to Jefferson.


Fall Semester Credits
OT300 Introduction to Applied Science 1
OT302 Applied Anatomy & Kinesiology (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT311 Health and Health Conditions 4
OT321 Foundations of Occupation-Centered Practice I 2
OT330 Using an Occupational Therapy Lens in the Clinic 2
OT336 Occupation Through the Life Span (Lecture/Laboratory)  5
Total 18
(all undergrad)
Spring Semester Credits
CMST201 Technology Applications for Healthcare 3
OT308 Concepts in Neurodevelopment (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT322 Foundations of Occupation-Centered Practice II 2
OT340 Domains of Occupational Therapy Practice – Fieldwork Level I 2
OT357 Evaluation Process (Lecture/Laboratory) 4
OT577 Historical Perspectives on Theory-Based Practice 3
Total 18  
(15 undergrad/3 grad)
Summer Session I Credits
OT341 Occupational Analysis & Evaluation – Fieldwork Level I 2
Total 2
(all undergrad)


Fall Semester Credits
OT440 Interventions:  Enhancing Human Performance – Fieldwork Level I 2
OT441 Interventions:  Enhancing Social Performance – Fieldwork Level I 2
OT552 Interventions:  Enhancing Human Performance (lecture/laboratory)  5
OT558 Interventions: Enhancing Social Participation 3
Graduate Elective or  Independent Study 3
Total 15
(4 undergrad/11 grad) 
Spring Semester Credits
Undergraduate Elective 3
Undergraduate Elective 3
ID302 Understanding Research Principles 3
OT560 Interventions: Environmental Competence 3
OT561 Environmental Competence Lab 1
OT562 Environmental Competence in Action
OT600 Occupational Therapy Professional Seminar 1
Total 15  
(9 undergrad/ 6 grad)
Summer Session I (May through June) Credits
OT467 Health Services Administration & Professional Development 2
OT603 Research Mentorship and Methods 4
Total 6
(2 undergrad/ 4 grad)
Summer Session II (July through September) Credits
OT480 Fieldwork Level IIA (July through end of September) 6
OT578 Evidence-Based Practice I (on-line, July through September) 1
Total 7  
(6 undergrad/ 1 grad)


Fall Semester Credits
OT482 Fieldwork Level IIB (October through December 6
OT579 Evidence-Based Practice II (on-line, October through December) 1
Total 7
(6 undergrad/1grad)
Spring Semester Credits
OT682 Clinical Leadership 3
OT670 Advanced Research Seminar 3
OT627 Program Design and Evaluation 3
Total 9
(9 grad)

Credit Summary

Credits Required for Admission to Jefferson
Total Undergraduate Credits
Total # of Credits for TJU Bachelor of Science Requirement
Total Graduate Credits

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