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Meet Physical Therapy Alumni

Talking with Gina Serago DPT, Class of 2010

Staff PT at Rehab Affiliates with Mainline Health Outpatient Clinic
Per diem PT in acute care for Good Shepherd Penn Partners

Q. Help us understand how your education at Jefferson prepared you for these positions.
A. As a new graduate, I felt prepared from the beginning. Jefferson's strong curriculum and clinicals allowed me to quickly expand my clinical knowledge. That made me comfortable working in both orthopedic and acute care settings.

Q. Why did you choose to come to Jefferson for PT College?
A. I chose Jefferson because it is a very well-known and reputable academic institution and teaching hospital. I thought if I came here, I would have more opportunities. Jefferson exceeded my expectations.

Talking with Laura Chowansky, DPT, Class of 2007

Staff PT at JKF Shore Rehab

Q. How did your education at Jefferson prepare you to become a senior PT?
A. Having the opportunity to complete four affiliations in different environments and utilize local, well-known teaching hospitals for observation really helped to prepare me. We had the opportunity to complete small assignments in hospitals or clinics with a group of students and a practicing clinician. That gave us first-hand experience working with patients.

Q. Why did I choose Jefferson?
A. Someone I admired as a clinician and person was an alumna of Jefferson. She told me about her experiences at the College and I explored from there. It also seemed like a good match because I knew I wanted to attend graduate College in a city location.

Q. What did you like most about Jefferson?
A. In addition to the urban location, I liked being exposed to diversity outside of my education. I also liked the small class size and accessibility of the faculty.