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Medical Practice Management


The certificate program in Medical Practice Management provides comprehensive preparation for the management and administration of day-to-day operations of a health professional practice. The program includes enhanced skills in computer applications, managerial accounting and management as well as presentation of legal issues related to healthcare practice. All courses are transferable to the associate degree in medical practice management or bachelor’s degree program in health services management.


Admission Requirements

  • Pre-application advising session through the Department of General Studies
  • High School diploma or GED certification
  • Satisfactory (grade of C or higher) completion of at least one three-credit course required for the Certificate
  • Submission of Application for Certificate Candidacy form and application fee
  • Demonstration of satisfactory computer skills (competency equivalent to introductory college-level computer courses). Note: Students who do not meet minimum computer proficiency will be required to complete CMST 101: Essentials of Computing.


ACCT 101  Financial Accounting 3
ACCT 102  Managerial Accounting 3
CMST 201  Technology Applications for Healthcare 3
ENGL 101  Composition I 3
ENGL 103  Business and Technical Writing 3
GNST 120  Comprehensive Medical Terminology 4
HCA 300  Health Services Delivery and Organization 3
HCA 302  Healthcare Classification Systems 3
HCA 303  Business and Healthcare Law 3
HCA 410  Medical Practice Management 3
MGMT 101  Principles of Management and Organizational Behavior 3
MGMT 102  Human Resources 3