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Approved Policies for Barringer, Martin & Orlowitz Residences

Eligibility:  Applications will be accepted from the following University constituencies: prospective full-time students, House Staff, and fellowship applicants of Thomas Jefferson University and affiliates on file. Post-doctoral fellows and house staff applicants must verfity their eligibility status by providing a letter from their department confirming that the fellowship will continue for at least one calendar year.

Priority:  Applicants are assigned by date and time of receipt of application and priority status in effect.  First and second priority status is assigned to applicants on the basis of their home address (which will be the address of record in the Registrar/House Staff/Department office).  First priority applicants are: 1) those who have a permanent home address outside the Philadelphia city limits, 2) those within Philadelphia zip codes 19114, 19115, 19116, 19154, and, 3) current residents of Barringer, Martin or Orlowitz residences. Second priority applicants are those whose permanent home address is within the Philadelphia city limits except for the zip codes 19114, 19115, 19116, and 19154.

  Minimim Maximum Minimum/Family Maximum/Family
Efficiency one one ineligible ineligible
One Bedroom one two two two
Two Bedroom two three two* four*
Three Bedroom three four three* six*

Placement of Second Priority Applicants:  After all first priority applicants have been placed, and if there is remaining housing, second priority applicants will be assigned.

Apartments with Minor Dependents:  Applicants with minor dependents, regardless of priority status and/or date and time of receipt of application, are given preference for two- and three-bedroom apartments.  However, within the group of applicants with minor dependents, assignments are made by date and time of receipt of application.

Guaranteed Housing for First Year Students:  First year students in Jefferson Medical College, Jefferson School of Health Professions, Jefferson School of Nursing, Jefferson School of Pharmacy, Jefferson School of Population Health, or Jefferson College of Graduate Studies are guaranteed University housing if: 1) applications are receipted in the Housing Office by May 31, 2) official acceptance to TJU for a fall or pre-fall term is received by May 31 and, 3) applicants have first priority status.  Guaranteed housing does not guarantee that an applicant will receive his/her preference of building, size, number of roommates, renovation status and/or occupancy date.  However, every effort will be made to meet an applicant's first choice.  If the guaranteed assignment is rejected for any reason, the guaranteed space will be offered to the next applicant.  This will insure that each applicant receives one assignment before any applicant receives a second assignment.  To meet the guarantee, students may be assigned to overflow space (i.e. three people in a two bedroom unit, two people in a one bedroom unit, etc).  House staff of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital and affiliates are not guaranteed housing.

Occupancy:  Apartments and residence hall spaces must be occupied as assigned: either furnished or unfurnished, private or shared.  On-campus housing spaces may only be occupied by the applicant, the applicant's legal spouse (marriage license required), minor dependents, or domestic partners who meet eligibility requirements (Contact the Housing Office, 215-955-1756, for eligibility requirements).  Married student housing and housing for students with children is available in Barringer and Orlowitz only. In the case of siblings, both must be affiliated with TJU per eligibility requirements.  Minimum/maximum occupancy is listed below.  

  Minimim Maximum Minimum/Family Maximum/Family
Efficiency one one ineligible ineligible
One Bedroom one two two two
Two Bedroom two three two* four*
Three Bedroom three four three* six*

*Totals include minor dependents.  In the Martin Residence Hall, minimum occupancy is one and maximum occupancy is two, no minors.

Minimum Occupany Policy : [The following policy is applicable to the residents of the Barringer or Orlowitz Apartment-style Residence Halls only.]  One, two, three or four roommates may share an accomodation up the maximum occupancy. For example, up to two residents may share a one bedroom. When the maximum number of occupants are assigned to an apartment, and a roommate situation changes, the remaining roommates will be required to reapportion monthly housing fees to include the market rent. Alternatively, roommate consolidation may occur if there are any other persons in an on-campus space that is below the minimum occupancy. When roommate consolidation is not an available option, reapportioning the rent is the only alternative.

Requirement for OccupancyFailure to maintain eligibility status as defined in the Eligibility Requirements will be cause for termination of the agreement.

Family Housing Options: On campus family housing is available in the Barringer and Orlowitz apartment-style residence halls.  Family housing is reserved for individuals who are, at the time of move-in, full-time TJU undergraduate students, graduate students, or postdoctoral appointees ("TJU Resident"), and their spouses, same-sex domestic partners, and minor children. Applicants should provide a certificate of marriage or civil union, declaration of domestic partnership from a municipality or government entity* and/or a birth certificate of each minor dependent. Students are required to inform Housing Assignment Services if their student status changes. All residents must abide by the terms of the housing agreement.

*If you are in a same-sex domestic partnership and are unable to provide a certificate of marriage, civil union, or a declaration of domestic partnership,  you and your domestic partner must provide supporting documentation to attest to your eligibility. Please review our Guide to Family Housing at TJU, and contact the Housing Office for more information.

Deposits:  A five hundred dollar ($500.00) security deposit is held against damages, non-payment of fees, and non-compliance with termination procedures.  This amount is payable upon acceptance of the housing assignment and before the first day of occupancy.  The deposit is non-refundable in the event that an agreement is not fulfilled.

Apartment AgreementsApplicants offered apartments will enter into an Apartment Lease Agreement with the University and Philadelphia Management Company. Apartment leases are offered as spaces become available for occupancy (generally between July 1st and September 1st), and terminate June 30th. Renewal leases are offered for a 12-month term. The first month's housing fees are due when an agreement is signed.  All contractual obligations, including the incurring of housing fees, begin on the date given in the assignment letter.  Fees are payable on the first of each month thereafter. 

Residence Hall Agreements:  Spaces are filled by date/time of receipt of application, availability and priority status in effect. Applicants offered residence hall space will enter into a nine month contract (September 1 to May 31) with the University.  Housing fee obligations begin when an agreement is signed and fees are payable the first of each month thereafter.  Additional terms may be added on to the contract, making it a ten or twelve month contract. Minors are not permitted in the Martin Building.

Smoke Free Environment:  Thomas Jefferson University is a non-smoking institution whose policy prohibits smoking in all areas of the residence halls, including within apartments and rooms.  There is no designated smoking space in residential common areas.

Wireless Internet:  Access to wireless internet is available in each residence hall for full-time students.

Personal Property Insurance: Each occupant must obtain renters or similar personal property insurance coverage sufficient to protect the occupant, the occupant’s personal property, and guests who may suffer loss due to the occupants’s negligence while on the property. Proof of insurance must be submitted to university housing upon request.

College and University Student Vaccination Act: Effective August 27, 2002, this law requires all full-time college students who live in university housing show proof that they have been vaccinated against meningococcal disease (bacterial meningitis).

Disability: If you have a medical condition, disability, or specific need that requires special housing accommodations, please contact the Director of Housing and Residence Life at (215)955-1756.  Housing and Residence Life will assist you with confidentiality processing your request.  You will not be asked to provide your medical information to Housing and Residence Life Staff.

University Statement of Nondiscrimination:  Thomas Jefferson University is committed to providing equal educational and employment opportunities for all persons without regard to race, color, national and ethnic origin, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, disability or veteran status.

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Please refer to the Residence Hall handbooks for more details regarding Policies. 



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