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Off-campus Alternatives

Whether you choose to live on or off-campus, take all appropriate safety precautions and make certain that your landlord has properly insured the building where you may be renting.

This section of the DHRL website is designed to make getting settled a little simpler. We hope the following information can be a starting point to more in depth research.

Getting started in your search for
off-campus housing

  • Safe Building Feature checklist, Fire Safety Concerns, Renter's Insurance, and more...
  • Off-campus Alternatives Housing Booklet 
  • Bulletin Board postings of local off campus listings (Please note: The Department of Housing and Residence Life and Thomas Jefferson University are not affiliated with any off-campus housing site listed here, including any fraternities, nor is any particular property endorsed or recommended. Jefferson students and employees should perform due diligence to ensure that the off-campus property they are considering renting is insured and meets basic safety standards.)
  • Roommates — Need one? Log onto BlackBoard with your campus key and password. Find the Community: Housing and Residence Life. Once you find the organization page, access the Roommate Postings/Classifieds Discussion Board. This is where you can find a roommate or post that you are seeking housing accommodations. Since the Housing and Residence Life Organization is on BlackBoard, only Jefferson affiliates can access this bulletin board.

Navigating Philadelphia

Take time to prepare for your move, financially and otherwise