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RA Staff 2014

Choosing to live on-campus is choosing to take part in community living at Thomas Jefferson University. One of the main components to building the community on-campus is the Resident Assistant (RA) staff. The Resident Assistant staff is made up of upperclassmen students who want to make your on-campus experience the best it can be! The RA's build community by planning and holding programming events throughout the year in the residence halls or around campus.

In addition to programming, the Resident Assistants are there to help answer questions, provide assistance or address any issues that may arise in the residence halls. There is always a member of the Resident Assistant staff on-duty, 24 hours a day / 7 days a week, in case of an emergency.

Below you will find a list of the student staff members who you will meet upon arrival.

Barringer Residence Staff

Megan Smith2

Baringer Residence
Contact Megan

Megan is the Resident Assistant for floors    2 thru 6 in the Barringer Residence.

Megan is a 2nd year Occupational Therapy student. She can be seen singing in Jefferson’s female a cappella group or trying lots of great places to eat in Philly. She was born and raised right outside of Philadelphia and is happy to help anyone looking to get more acquainted with the city. She loves running, cooking, and watching Disney movies and Winnie the Pooh is her favorite Disney character!


Barringer Residence
Contact Martin

Martin is the Resident Assistant for floors     6 thru 10 in the Barringer Residence.

Martin was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an avid soccer fan and loves to play volleyball, tennis, and almost any other sport out there. Martin also loves cooking, and some even say he makes a delicious chicken parm. But whether you’re hungry or not, feel free to stop by and say hi.

Martin Residence Staff


Martin Residence
Contact Anmol

Anmol is the Resident Assistant for the    third floor in the Martin Residence.

Anmol is a 3rd year medical student from West Chester, PA. If he's not working, you'll most likely find him at the nearest track, exploring hiking trails, trying to play the piano, experimenting with food, playing Ultimate, climbing trees, reading books or visiting one of the various local events. If you're looking for someone to share in an adventure, he's your guy.


Martin Residence
Contact Erika

Erika is the Resident Assistant for the    fourth floor in the Martin Residence.

Erika is from Kingsville, Maryland. She is in her third year of the Physical Therapy program at TJU. She is a huge Baltimore Ravens fanatic, and you will often find her donning this pride (t-shirts, bumper stickers, coffee mugs, etc).  She enjoys staying active by running and swimming. In her free time, Erika also likes to try new restaurants, read, and participate in outdoor events.


Lorater, "Phabreeze"
Martin Residence
Contact Phabreeze

Lorater is the Resident Assistant for the    fifth floor in the Martin Residence.

Lorater (nickname, Phabreeze) hails from Cameroon.  He is a 4th year Pharmacy student who enjoys playing soccer, dancing, going to the beach, travelling, listening to music, and watching the National Geographic Channel.  He is a man of many talents who speaks Limbum, Pidgin English, and French. 


Martin Residence
Contact Kathleen

Kathleen is the Resident Assistant for   the seventh floor in the Martin Residence.

Kathleen is a 1st year pharmacy student from Corning, NY. She works as a Pharmacy Intern at Rite Aid, and enjoys playing Frisbee, reading, watching TV, or simply spending time outdoors. 


Martin Residence
Contact Ruth

Ruth is the Resident Assistant for the   eighth floor in the Martin Residence.

Ruth hails from New England, and is studying Sonography (seeing with sound).  Ruth enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking and camping, utilizing snail mail, baking, and jigsaw puzzles.  She is a firm believer that her attitude has a huge impact on her experiences.  All of life is an adventure! Ruth enjoys getting to know people and sharing some of her (ever expanding list of) favorite spots around the city.  Tell her about the great places you've found in Philly.

Stephanie Nagy

Martin Residence
Contact Stephanie

Stephanie is the Resident Assistant for the sixth floor in the Martin Residence.

Stephanie is a 2nd year Physical Therapy student. Canadian, Iowan, New Jerseyan, now Philadelphian. She likes to play volleyball, explore the city, cook, and try new foods. You can often find her walking to Washington Square Park to pet dogs. She loves to go to free events in the city, let her know if you find out about one!


Martin Residence
Contact Victor

Victor is the Resident Assistant for the second floor in the Martin Residence.

Victor is a 3rd year medical student.  He is the 7th consecutive Victor in his family tree.  From the mountains of northern Utah, he enjoys skiing, rock-climbing, and mountain biking.  Interested in imaging, he hopes to enter interventional radiology in a future someday.  He also likes people so don’t be shy!

Orlowitz Residence Staff


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Jeremiah

Jeremiah is the Resident Assistant for floors 7 thru 13 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Jeremiah is attending the College of Pharmacy here at Jefferson and comes from York, PA. His interests include many outdoor sports such as skiing, wakeboarding, backpacking, photography and performance auto events. Whether a shoulder to lean on or an ear to listen, he can always find time. So please stop by and say hi!


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Toan

Toan is the Resident Assistant for floors      14 thru 20 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Toan is a 4th year pharmacy student and is from Seattle, Washington.  He has an interest in backpacking, animals, Los Angeles Lakers, Los Angeles Angels, Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mist, fantasy sports, and watching the food network.  On his free time he likes exercising, improving his Spanish, cooking food, and hanging out with friends and family. 


Orlowitz Residence
Contact Victoria

Victoria is the Resident Assistant for floors 1 thru 6 in the Orlowitz Residence.

Victoria is a 2nd year Physical Therapy student from Mechanicsville, Maryland.  She loves to bake, cook, and eat! She enjoys making a weekly trek to Trader Joe's, running along Penn's Landing or watching anything on Netflix.