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IRB Review Fees

Fees for full and expedited review of new departmentally funded studies have been added. These fees are effective on May 1, 2012.

Fees for full and expedited amendments and full continuing reviews for commercially sponsored studies have increased. These fees are effective on July 1, 2013. (The current fee valid through June 30, 2013, is noted below in parentheses.)

IRB review fees are not charged for federal, state, and other grant funded studies.

Commercially Sponsored Studies

Full Review Fees

New Study Full Board Review 2950
Full Board Review Amendment 1000 (750)
Full Board Continuing Review 1500 (1200)

Expedited Review Fees

Expedited Review New Study 1450
Expedited Review Amendment 750 (500)
Expedited Continuing Review 950

Departmentally Funded Studies

Full Board Review New Study 250
Expedited Review New Study 50