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Date Description
May Special Addition introducing JeffTrial
February New & Revised Policies, IRB Turnaround Time, Current Forms


Date Description
March Conflict of Interest Disclosure, Collaboration with Commerical Entities-Tissue Studies, Quality Improvement Audits, Electronic IRB Submissions, How to Use the Portal, Recruitment of Subjects, Determinations by the IRB-Approved and Not Approved


Date Description
October Renewal of Full Accreditation by AAHRPP, Changes to IRB Training Requirements, DHSP Website Update, IRB Stamp for Approved Ancillary Study Materials, Reporting SAEs and UAPs
September   Change In IRB Voting System, Correspondence with Investigators, Response of Investigators, Change Coming for Common Rule
July IRB Approval Letters for NIH, New Forms, Review of Serious Adverse Events (AEs) and UAPs, Initial Review of Possible Non-Compliance
June TISSUE ISSUE - Banks, Ownership, Donation, Submitting to IRB, TJU/JUH Policy
February AAHRPP Renewal, Updated IRB Policy Manual and Forms, Human Subjects Research Training and IRB Review, GCP, Compliance Corner


Date Description
August - addendum Notice of Community Outreach Symposium
August Jefferson Moving to CITI Program, Instructions for Accessing CITI, AAHRPP,
April ORA Budgeting Services and Medicare Coverage Analysis, Research Study Information for In-Patient Charts, Using Human Tissue in Your Research, Aware for All


Date Description
July IRB Timelines, Preparation of Submissions, Protocol Exceptions, Deviations and Violations/OHR-20, Submission of Amendments, New FDA Requirements for IRB Registration, Re-Consenting Research Subjects, New and Modified Forms
May Conflicts of Interest (COI) and Subject Recruitment Incentives, IRB Fees, eSAEY, Aware for All
February AAHRPP, Role of Inestigational Drug Service Pharmacist on IRB, Clinical Trials.Gov, Aware for All, Humanitaran Use Devices (HUD)


Date Description
September AAHRPP, Final Reports, Amendments, Forms, Fees, Resubmission of Expired Studies
April IRB Accreditation, Noncompliance, Reporting UAPs, Modifications to protocols before IRB Review