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Disability Insurance

Short Term Disability

Full time employees are eligible for Short Term Disability (STD) Insurance which provides benefits after seven consecutive calendar days of disability. All disabilities must be approved by Matrix, our third party administrator. Short Term Disability continues for 26 weeks as long as you continue to be disabled. For the first seven calendar days of a disability employees use Earned Time Off (ETO) or Sick Time based upon their position. Employees who have an Extended Illness Bank (EIB) will then be paid 100% of base pay until the bank is exhausted. If the employee remains disabled after EIB is exhausted, benefits will then be paid from the STD Plan(s). The Basic STD Plan pays 50% of your weekly pay and the Optional STD Plan pays 66 2/3% of your pay if you elected the coverage. Jefferson pays 100% of the cost of the Basic benefit, while employees pay for the Optional STD Benefit. Faculty, Senior Administrators and House Staff are covered by salary continuation for up to 26 weeks in the event of disability. Please consult the Benefits Guidebook for a more detailed explanation of the plans.

Long Term Disability (LTD)

Full-time employees are covered for Long Term Disability. Basic benefits are paid at 50% of your base pay after six months of total disability. Jefferson pays 100% of the cost of LTD. You may purchase additional coverage. Please consult the OPT Guide for an explanation of the other options and plan rules.