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Performance Appraisal Process

Performance Appraisal Process (TJU & JUP Employees)

Each year, the University engages in an annual performance review for all TJU and JUP employees. While this is a formal occasion to review and discuss performance, managers and employees are also encouraged to meet throughout the performance period to engage in ongoing dialogue and feedback regarding performance.
All employees hired prior to January 1 each year must receive a written annual performance appraisal covering that fiscal year. 

The performance review is an opportunity for managers to meet with their employees to clarify job duties, performance expectations, and set goals.  Summarizing past performance discussion and providing a blueprint for future performance are also key to an effective performance review.

Appraisal forms are available through the Forms section of this website.

Managers may ask their direct reports to use the forms provided to create their own self-appraisal, which can serve as an additional resource in performance discussions.  These performance review meetings should provide for an open exchange and opportunity for meaningful dialogue for both the employee and the manager.

Performance appraisals must be completed and returned to Human Resources.

Performance Appraisal Process TJUH

Hospital employees please use the JeffSMART application. If you need assistance, please contact the JeffSMART Hotline at (215) 503-4290, or email

Performance Appraisals – contact Susan Shaffer at (215) 503-8741 or