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Pension/Retirement Plans

Defined Contribution Plans

We have designated TIAA-CREF to administer all services for all Jefferson Defined Contribution Retirement Plans.  TIAA-CREF offers first-class recordkeeping services and consolidated access to manage your account(s).          

To Get The Most Out Of Your Retirement Program:

Jefferson and TIAA-CREF are committed to providing the resources you need to plan for the future you deserve.

New TJU Defined Contribution Retirement Plan

Defined Benefit Pension Plan

Consolidated Plan administration services are provided by Aon Hewitt, a leader in the field of benefits administration, for participants in the TJU Employees’ Pension Plan and TJUH, Inc. Employees’ Pension Plan (including Methodist Hospital Division).

  • You may access services here. You may also call Your Pension Resouces at 1-855-354-6942.
  • Features include projecting pension benefits using various assumptions, accessing trained retirement specialists for assistance, and commencing pension benefits.
  • Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 9am-6pm.

We think you’ll agree that Your Pension Resources is a convenient and easy way to manage your Pension Plan benefit!

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Retiree Checklist

Below is a checklist that will help you plan for retirement:

Retiree Checklist

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SPDs, SARs & Annual Funding Notices

Jefferson Retirement Plan Summary Plan Descriptions (SPDs) SPDS, or Summary Plan descriptions, describe the covered benefits and the rules that govern the way the plan works. Please select the SPD for the plan at your Jefferson location.

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