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Welcome New Animal Researchers

This page is for new Principal Investigators and their Support Personnel looking for information on what they need to do to begin working with animals. The links below will take you to information regarding what you need to do to begin working with animals and how to obtain an approved IACUC Animal Use Protocol. If you have any questions involving animal research at TJU, please feel free to contact the IACUC Office.

How to start working with animals

Obtaining permission to work with animals has three requirements:

  1. You must undergo a animal handling/biotechniques and online training process. You will need to have an RO-4 personnel form with you to complete this process.
  2. You must undergo a health screen with University Health Services.

This is explained in more detail on the page, Working with Animals at TJU.

Animal Use Protocols

All work done with animals must be covered by an Animal Use Protocol (AUP). An AUP is a document that details what is being done to animals and why, justifies the numbers of animals used, addresses how any possible pain and distress inflicted upon the animals will be minimized, and demonstrates that there are no alternatives to the proposed work and that it isn't unnecessarily duplicative. It legally binds the PI to performing the research as described.

More details can be found in the section Animal Protocols.

What laws regulate animal research?

The use of animals in research is regulated by the Animal Welfare Act, or AWA. The standards of care for animal research is found in The Guide to the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, published by the National Academy of Sciences. Failure to abide by the provisions of the AWA can result in criminal and civil liability for the University and the principal investigator involved.